Colloidal silver is not an essential mineral for the human body according to the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. Colloidal silver products are often liquids which have tiny particles of silver. The United States government's various health agencies do not recognize silver as being beneficial to the human body. Indeed the Food and Drug Administration has taken action against companies selling colloidal silver products due to making unproven health claims. Some government agencies have however found topical colloidal silver may have health benefits. Let's explore the health benefits of colloidal silver.

Topical Treatment For Burns

According to the National Center For Complementary and Integrative Health agency, topical silver can be an appropriate medical use for the treatment of burns. Colloidal silver may be applied to the skin for the treatment of minor burns. One should avoid applying it to the skin in cases where the skin is blistering, or open burn wounds are present. One should wash the affected area with soap and cold water gently before applying any colloidal silver to the burn wound site.



Sunburn Treatment

Colloidal silver is actually an ingredient in silver sulfadiazine cream. Doctors often prescribe silver sulfadiazine cream for severe cases of sunburn. It can provide startling effectiveness as a healing agent for sunburn. The relief sunburn victims feel from this cream is often immediate. It can also help prevent sunburned skin from becoming infected. The only form of colloidal silver that can be applied to the broken skin is silver sulfadiazine cream.



Pain Relief For Burns

According to Dr. Aundrea Adams, Ph.D., of the International Institute of Holistic Healing, topical colloidal silver has been shown to provide pain relief for both burn victims and sunburn. In places where the body is injured, the normal flow of electrical current in the body drops towards zero. Silver is a superconductor which helps to restore the normal electrical flow to the affected area. When a burned area lacks proper electrical current, healing takes longer. Clinical trials in an FDA-approved laboratory have shown that silver-coated bandages had analgesic properties.



Natural Anti-fungal Agent

A study by the Department of Microbiology at Kyungpook National University in Daegu, Korea, and published in the Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, has shown that colloidal silver is indeed a natural antifungal agent. They tested silver nanoparticles on candida fungus, as well as several species of Trichophyton, which is the cause of athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm. The study shows that silver is effective against lab-grown strains of fungus as well as strains isolated from infected specimens. Used topically colloidal silver can be an antifungal agent.

Recurrent Yeast Infections

Natural Anti-Viral Agent

While the FDA does not recognize Colloidal silver as being an Anti-Viral, several studies have indeed shown the anti-viral properties of colloidal silver. In June 2005, the journal Nanobiotechnology published a study which concluded that nanosilver was shown to inhibit HIV-1 from binding to host cells, in test tubes. Seven scientists placed the HIV-1 virus alongside white blood cells and nanoparticles of silver. They found that the nano-particles of silver prevented the HIV-1 virus from binding to the white blood cells. In 1992 the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal found that colloidal silver was effective against the smallpox virus. The medical colloidal silver preparation used was Protargol, which reduced the concentration of viral particles by 700 times. When Collargol silver colloidal was applied, there was an 11,000 times reduction in the smallpox viral load.



Natural Antibacterial Agent

US National Library of Medicine states that silver has long been known to have antibacterial activity. They furthermore state on their website that silvers toxicity to human cells is considerably lower than to bacteria. It is not known nor understood how silver kills bacteria, or by what mechanisms. Nanoparticles of silver in studies have shown to be more effective on bacteria when the particles are 1–100 nm in size. Silver sulfadiazine, one of many forms of topical colloidal silver has been shown to fight and ward off bacteria.

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Stomach Ulcer Relief

Stomach ulcers usually have a bacteria present called H-pylori. One of the benchmark tests often done before a diagnosis of a stomach ulcer is given to test for this bacteria. Many users of a liquid colloidal silver report that their ulcers heal quicker. It is thought that colloidal silver kills and inhibits H-pylori in the digestive tract. The FDA has not confirmed this, but many users swear by it. Furthermore, colloidal silvers anti-bacterial properties may reduce the H. pylori bacteria so that the ulcer can heal.

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Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Researchers from the NIH or National Institutes of Health studied the anti-inflammatory properties of colloidal silver. They tested pigs with inflamed skin. The pigs in the test had colloidal silver treatments, and near normal skin within 72 hours. Other treatment groups that did not receive colloidal silver remained inflamed. More research is underway to help prove what many have claimed for years, that colloidal silver can reduce inflammation and aid in healing.



Sinusitis Relief

Many people use colloidal silver to treat sinus infections. According to a study by the International Forum for Allergy and Rhinology, people with sinusitis may benefit from colloidal silver as a nasal spray. Patients can add just a few drops of colloidal silver to a neti pot, or apply it directly to the nasal cavity via a nasal spray containing trace amounts of colloidal silver.

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Colloidal silver is not an approved treatment by the FDA for any health condition. Be careful and make sure not to overdose on colloidal silver. Do consult your doctor before taking colloidal silver or any other alternative therapy, treatment, herb or supplement. While studies do show positive health effects of colloidal silver, most United States health agencies do not approve of its use. Overuse of colloidal silver can color the skin grey and blue.



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