Brazil nuts are delicious to eat, are selenium-rich. And they have a myriad of health benefits if consumed on a regular basis. They are also rich in a large number of other vitamins and minerals. They're popular in South American countries where their large parent trees grow along riverbanks. Below is a varied list of all the many things Brazil Nuts have been found to be beneficial for in the human body.

Top Source of Selenium

Brazil nuts may be the best source of Selenium found in nature. They provide 774 percent of the daily value in one ounce of nuts, or about six of them. This trace mineral is critical for providing antioxidants for the body. They also fight free radicals and soothe areas of the body that are inflamed. As nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from selenium deficiency, this is an ideal nutrient to consume on a regular basis, making brazil nuts a perfect addition to any diet.

Brazil nuts selenium


Improve Heart Health

Brazil nuts have a very high amount of healthy unsaturated fat and a ton of omega three fatty acids. These are both incredibly good for the heart. That's because these acids and other acids contained in Brazil Nuts help to balance out cholesterol levels in the body and keep it from building up in arteries, which can lead to heart problems in the future.

omega Brazil nuts


Lifts Mood

Low levels of selenium have been directly related to bad moods and low energy. Consuming brazil nuts can help to reverse this deficiency and make you have more energy and put you in a better mood overall. The metabolism is also increased and improved, helping to release serotonin which controls mood, appetite, and sleep, making you feel better overall.

mood Brazil nuts


Skin Care

With so many vitamins and nutrients in them, Brazil nuts are ideal to consume to improve your overall skin health. Furthermore, they help improve your skin's glow and elasticity. This prevents premature aging with tons of selenium, omega-3 acids, and vitamins C and E en mass. Free radicals are also removed from the skin thanks to the antioxidant properties. On top of all that the oil of Brazil nuts also helps with dry skin and other ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

Improve the condition of your skin Brazil nuts

Treats Acne

Along with improving overall skin health over an extended period, Brazil nuts are also a great thing to consume if you have existing acne or skin problems. The vitamins and minerals from nuts can be applied to the skin to reduce inflammation from acne or other acne-related skin problems.



High Amounts of Protein in Each Nut

Protein deficiency is a real problem for many people who have restrictive diets. Whether its due to allergies or self-imposed restrictions. Brazil nuts have a ton of protein in them. Just a handful helps support the body's need for protein on a daily basis.



Boosts Immune System

Thanks to all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, not to mention anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Brazil nuts will improve the immune system when consumed on a regular basis. This is mostly because it keeps the immune system from overexerting itself, allowing it to fight against other things that may be affecting it on a regular basis.

Improves Your Immune System

Helps Improve Muscle Function

All the proteins and amino acids contained in Brazil Nuts are an ideal thing to eat for people who are trying to build up muscles or repair muscles that are damaged from working out. Strength will be improved, and lactic acid will be released and replaced by magnesium, which will ultimately prevent soreness and allow you to work out or continue to play sooner, with less recovery time.

Facilitate muscle function

Promotes Growth and Repair in the Body

All of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in Brazil nuts help promote the growth and repair of the body. However, the essential component of Brazil Nuts is collagen. This is essential for repairing blood vessels, bones, tissues and cells. So if you have a broken bone, eating brazil nuts among other healthy things is a great idea to improve healing.

brazil nuts collagen


Facilitates Your Nutrient Uptake

The high magnesium levels in Brazil nuts efficiently promote nutrient uptake, namely through the digestive system. Most importantly it helps the body to absorb Zinc. Zinc is one of the more difficult nutrients for the body to obtain on a regular basis. Eating Brazil nuts before an especially nutritious full meal will help your body absorb the most possible nutrients from it.

Boost Assimilation of Nutrients brazil nuts


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