Brazil nuts are delicious to eat, are selenium-rich. And they have a myriad of health benefits if consumed on a regular basis. They are also rich in a large number of other vitamins and minerals. They're popular in South American countries where their large parent trees grow along riverbanks. Below is a varied list of all the many things Brazil Nuts have been found to be beneficial for in the human body.


1. Top Source of Selenium

Brazil nuts may be the best source of Selenium found in nature. They provide 774 percent of the daily value in one ounce of nuts, or about six of them. This trace mineral is critical for providing antioxidants for the body. They also fight free radicals and soothe areas of the body that are inflamed. As nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from selenium deficiency, this is an ideal nutrient to consume on a regular basis, making brazil nuts a perfect addition to any diet.

Brazil nuts selenium

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