Food journaling is the daily logging or recording of what one eats. It has become increasingly popular in public health, medical practice, and for personal use. Food diaries or journals may focus on a specific aspect of food intake, such as vitamin C or overall calorie consumption, or portion size. There is no single method of food journaling, and the type of diary depends on the reason for using a food journal.


1. The History of Food Journaling

Food journaling may appear to be a recent fad, but the practice started as much as a century ago. Diaries have long been popular medical tools for identifying triggers of certain symptoms, such as migraines. There is academic research on food records dating back to the late 1940s and early 1950s. Researchers hoped to discover the best way for people with certain health conditions such as diabetes to measure and manage their illness by monitoring what they ate. Studies using food diaries have helped researches create public nutrition programs and learn about the development of medical conditions as a result of dietary intake. Recently there has been more interest and research into food journaling as an avenue to personal health and wellbeing.

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