Everyone craves certain foods at certain times of the day or month. While these craving could be about our love of junk food or crunchy fruits, sometimes yearning for a specific type of food can indicate a vitamin deficiency we would never think to pair with the craving. Find your sweet tooth comes out in the winter? You could be lacking vitamin D due to less sun exposure. Some cravings are the body's way of telling us we need to amp up our nutrition.


1. Calcium

If your food cravings are for salty foods rather than sweet, research suggests this could be due to a calcium deficiency. Calcium keeps our bones strong and healthy and does much more for our systems, besides. If you lack in calcium, you might be at an increased risk of developing bone-thinning diseases like osteopenia. Other symptoms that you need a higher calcium intake include lethargy, brittle fingernails, and difficulty swallowing. If you believe you need more calcium, try eating more dark leafy greens, seeds, beans and lentils, and natural dairy products.

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