There are many spices available for cooking, making teas or putting in an aromatic diffuser, but one spice that you may or may not have heard about is Cardamom. Cardamom originated in India, Nepal, and Bhutan many years ago and was used for food preparation and in medicine to treat different ailments. Today, it grows in tropical places in Asia such as Japan, Korea, and China. It comes from the seeds of several plants, the Elettaria, the Amomum and the Zingiberaceae, a member of the ginger family. These seeds make a perfect aromatic and flavorful blend.

Queen of Spices

Since Cardamom originated in India, the spice will be found most often used in Indian cuisine. It gives food and drinks a slightly sweet floral flavor. Cardamom is often referred to as the Queen of Spices because of its many health benefits and what it adds to recipes. It comes in three types which are green, black and Madagascar. It is one of the more expensive spices, but a little goes a long way.

Cardamom spice


Cardamom a Stomachs Best Friend

Do you suffer from bloating and gas? If you do, you might want to give Cardamom a try. It is well known for aiding in the regulation of the digestive system and reducing the uncomfortable bloating and embarrassing gas. It contains a component called Methanolic extract which is an antioxidant and is known to provide relief from stomach cramps, flatulence and even help with stomach ulcers.

Cardamom bloating


Naturally Freshens Breath

Many people suffer from bad breath, but Cardamom can help eliminate that. The residents of India chew cardamom pods for this reason. The pods are not only tasty but they also freshen breath. One of the elements of the cardamom pod oil is cineole which is a potent antiseptic that kills the germs that cause bad breath. Cineole also treats other infections in the mouth. Its effect on bad breath is such a success that some companies have started using Cardamom as an ingredient in their chewing gum products. Bad breath has no chance when cardamom is in town.

Cardamom  breath


Provides Cavity Prevention and Oral Care

No one likes going to the dentist especially when they tell you that you have cavities. The first thing they want to do is drill out the tooth and fill it. Hold the drill, doc! Cardamom might be the answer to never hearing that word cavity again. Since the pod produces a potent antiseptic, chewing it can kill the germs that cause cavities. Also, as you chew the seeds, the bold taste triggers a saliva wash, add that with the coarse pods which cleanses the mouth naturally. If you are unfortunate enough to have a cavity, fear not, studies have shown that tooth decay possibly can be reversed through diet. Chewing the pods of this plant can help with reversing the damage.

Cardamom dentistry


Helps Keep Blood Pressure Down

Hypertension is a widespread problem in the United States. High blood pressure if left unattended can cause heart failure and kidney damage. A recent study showed that Cardamom could be an answer to reducing blood pressure keeping the heart strong as it pumps right along. The study showed that after 12 weeks of taking Cardamom daily that both systolic and diastolic pressure had decreased significantly and after three months the antioxidant level in the body increased about 90 percent. Studies are ongoing and that you should never stop your heart medication without the consent of your doctor.



Prevention and Control of Diabetes

Manganese is a mineral that is naturally produced by the body. It has many benefits from regulation of blood sugar levels to supporting thyroid health. Cardamom seeds offers a high level of this mineral making it a spice of life for people with Diabetes. Taking it on a daily basis can also help to prevent the onset of diabetes. Cardamom should not be used to replace your diabetic medication unless first consulting your physician, but adding cardamom spice to your diabetic diet plan might prove to be beneficial.

A good food choice for diabetics


Did you ever see the commercial that says having Asthma is like being a fish out of water? Asthma is not a joke to those that live with it. Not being able to breath can bring on stress, anxiety, and fear which only adds to the asthma attack. Inhalers and breathing treatments have been used for years to control these attacks. However; Cardamom may be the answer to stopping these horrible attacks. The spice has shown an ability to open up the bronchi and bronchioles making it easier to get airflow to the lungs. Eating it daily might prove to be an asthma treatment that is natural and worth checking out.

asthma Cardamom


Potential to Protect from Cancer

The Queen of spice has been ongoing studies on its effects in the treatment of cancer, especially colon cancer. In one test, Cardamom showed great potential in preventing and even treating this killer disease. The several elements in Cardamom such as the cineole and Limonene have shown potential in protecting against cancer progression. It could be the answer to natural cancer treatment.

cancer Cardamom


Muscle and Joint pain and spasms

Bone and muscle pain and spasms are not unusual in the people who are very active or the older generation. Injuries can happen at the drop of a hat which can lead to constant pain. Or arthritis moves in and makes itself at home. Bone and muscle pain can affect the quality of life. By adding Cardamom to your daily diet, you will have a better chance of not suffering from the pain that affects our bodies as we get older. The elements in cardamom are well known for fighting inflammation which is the leading cause of pain. And with the spices anti-carcinogenic properties the aches of older adults will be alleviated.

pains Cardamom


Urinary Disorders

There are several urinary disorders, that can occur in life. But for older adults, urinary problems are inconvenient and embarrassing. Several urinary issues have been cured by the queen of spice. The use of this spice has cured disorders such as gonorrhea, cystitis, and nephritis. As you can see, Cardamom has many benefits. It helps with weight loss, it improves blood circulation, tackles insomnia and boosts sex drive.

Cardamom  urine


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