With greater recognition and scientific understanding of the body's functionality in relation to nutrition, the number of accompanying diet trends also increases. One recent fad diet is the Blood Type Diet, which caters to nutrition and balance based on the blood types you possess. Though there is not yet empirical research to support the benefits of this diet, many do believe in its naturopathic benefits and adhere to its restrictions. But where did the Blood Type Diet come from?


1. History of the Blood Type Diet

Peter J. D'Adamo, a naturopath and physician, and the founder of the Blood Type Diet, developed the framework in the mid-1990s. D'Adamo argues that your blood type is a key component in the functionality of your body, including the digestive system and metabolism. He claims blood type can determine your reaction to stress, processing of food with gut bacteria, and the likelihood of contracting certain diseases. His diet, therefore, attempts to mitigate risks he claims stem from your particular blood type.


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