Grounding or earthing is the practice of reconnecting the human body to the Earth. The theory of grounding states modern lifestyle has disconnected humans from the electrons naturally present in the ground. This loss could be responsible for increased inflammation, affected sleep, and chronic pain. Supporters of earthing use various tools to remain grounded even while inside buildings. Several studies exist that support the theory of grounding, though these studies have been the subject of controversy and skepticism.


1. The Practice of Earthing

Throughout history, humans walked barefoot or wore only thin shoes. In modern years, the use of rubber-soled shoes has steadily increased; they are now the most common choice in all developed nations. Researchers who study grounding believe that shoes, along with modern buildings, have insulated humans from the ground, preventing the transfer of essential electrons. The concept of grounding suggests that without these electrons, free radicals in the body that are missing electrons adversely impact many of the body’s processes.

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