You have a long life ahead of you from playing with your children to your grandchildren. Don’t let an unhealthy heart get in the way of enjoying life. Eating fruits and vegetables may be obvious, but what other things can you do on a regular basis to feel healthier and increase your longevity? If you are serious about taking care of yourself and reclaiming your health, then you should check out these tips for a healthy heart.


1. Quit Smoking

Cigarettes are one of the leading causes of coronary heart disease. Besides that, the surgeon general’s warning label suggests explicitly that smoking leads to lung cancer, emphysema, and complicated pregnancies. Second-hand smoke will also adversely affect the health of those around you when you are puffing on one. If you want a healthy heart and life in general, you should quit smoking immediately even if you need the help of nicotine patches or gums.

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