People who participate in sports are likely to have heard of the term turf toe. This condition refers to the sprain of the ligaments surrounding the big toe joint. Basketball players are also used to hearing the name. That's because physical activity is the most likely culprit of turf toe. When running or jumping, the toe gets pushed forcefully, which may lead to injury over time. In most cases, turf toe can be easily treated at home, while in more serious cases medical attention may be necessary.


1. Popping Sound

There are a wide variety of symptoms that are often used to describe turf toe. Some of them affect the toe directly, while others relate to the area around the toe or even other parts of the body. One of the more unusual symptoms you may notice is a popping sound of the joint. Usually, this can be traced to the toe. Your doctor will be able to diagnose your condition by examining the nature of the injury. They may also perform an x-ray scan to check for related damage. If the joint become injured, it may cause a popping sound to occur when it is moved in a certain way.

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