A mixture of vegetation, water, and soil produces the selenium trace mineral. The body obtains this essential mineral through eating, but not so many foods contain generous amounts. Despite its importance to general health, before the early 1800s, scientists were unaware that it existed. Even today, except for those who take a keen interest in natural health, many ordinary people have not heard of selenium. Researchers continue to investigate its health benefits. It is apparent from the information already available that it boosts health in several key areas, and future research is likely to reveal additional benefits.


1. Connections with Fertility Problems

A difficulty conceiving children is one of the most difficult challenges for a couple to face. The fact that most people know of someone in this situation hints at the numbers affected. Modern medical techniques make hopes of becoming parents achievable in some of these cases. The role of selenium infertility is one of the subjects the scientists are investigating. Their studies indicate that this mineral improves blood flow and sperm distribution. Research also suggests that it can have a role in lowering the risks of miscarriages.

Connections with Fertility Problems

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