Taking an enema is a process that involves introducing filtered water into the rectum. You can purchase enemas and use them in the privacy of your home. Besides direct enemas, coffee enemas are also available. People administer enemas for various reasons, but they are especially used to get rid of toxins from your digestive system. If you want to detoxify your body and cleanse your colon, an enema might be the way to go. However, you should always consult with a medical professional about the benefits and risks of enemas. While risks include dependency and other health ailments, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of enemas.

Encourage Waste Movement

Are you constipated? Taking an enema, especially a coffee cleanse, can help promote a bowel movement. Regular use of enemas can reshape your colon, which allows the waste to move more efficiently. They help your digestive tract and relieve constipation. However, it is important to note that an enema may only detoxify the lower portion of the colon. You should consult with a colonic hydrotherapist if you want to have a full colon cleanse.

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Boost Energy Levels

If you are feeling fatigued more than usual, you might have clogged intestines. In turn, this can decrease oxygen transfer and create sludge in the blood. Taking a coffee enema can help the body absorb caffeine directly into your bloodstream. Not only does this promote the release of waste, but it can lead to improved energy levels.

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Improve Concentration

Eating raw vegetables is essential for your health. They provide ample nutrients that your body needs to flourish. When you use an enema as a colon cleanse, the vitamins and minerals from your vegetable meals can be absorbed more efficiently. You will not only improve your overall health, but you can concentrate and have better focus.

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Improve Mental Clarity and Mood

With more energy and better concentration, it only seems natural that your mental clarity and mood would improve, too. Enemas stimulate a detoxifying release that is powerful on your overall health. This includes not just the body, but the mind and soul as well. Some people even describe the sensation that a coffee enema creates a powerful high.

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Begin Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, but are not sure where to start, an enema might be the answer. Did you know the average colon holds around eight meals before digestion begins? A cleansing of the colon will clear out the intestines as well as jumpstart your metabolism and reduce bloating.

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Eliminate Parasites and Candida

Your body is exposed to chemicals in the environment on a regular basis. It can be difficult to get rid of all the toxins that enter your body from food, water, and air. Coffee enemas can help your digestive tract eliminate these harmful poisons as they gradually build up in the colon. Parasites, Candida, and other toxins are broken up and expelled from the body after taking a coffee enema. In turn, they can help your body get rid of nests of disease.

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Lower the Chance of Colon Cancer

If toxins are not eliminated from your body, they stagnate and can create polyps and cysts. In some cases, a cancerous tumor can form in the colon. To prevent a serious episode, an enema is a quick way to clear out your color and rid it of any harmful wastes that have been lingering. However, using too many enemas can also have adverse effects on your body and do not prevent colon cancer completely.

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Clear Skin

Did you know one of the functions of your skin is to move waste from the body? Your kidneys and liver work hard to get rid of toxins, but if they are not functioning up to par, it may reflect in your skin. If you notice surface eruptions on your skin, toxins are trying to release. A colon cleanse will reduce the amount of strain on the kidneys and liver and help detox your body. Your skin should become clearer within a few weeks if the toxins are being expelled properly through the appropriate organs.

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Strengthen the Immune System

After you get rid of toxic waste from your colon, your immune tissues within the intestines will rejuvenate. However, if you already have a weakened immune system because of an autoimmune disease, HIV/AIDS, or some other health condition, talk to your doctor before trying an enema colon cleanse to discuss the benefits and risks.

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Improve Circulation

An enema colon cleanse might help with blood circulation. When the waste is expelled from your colon, your body requires less energy to move toxins through the intestines. This can help your circulation as a whole. Likewise, improved circulation might aid in combating insomnia and sleeping better at night, too.

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