Everyone is familiar with the fast and easy to make meals that cans of beans supply. If you want beans with confirmed health-boosting properties, you need to find something more exotic. Anasazi beans are one of the popular types of healthy bean now available in many natural food outlets. They are recognizable by their red to brown color with white spots. When cooked they become a pinkish color. Anasazi beans were once a key part of the diet of the Native American tribes in the region that now forms the southwestern corner of the USA.

A sensible meal for weight watchers

Diets heavily laced with junk foods and a chronic lack of exercise contributes to a situation where many adults, and a growing number of children, need to lose weight. How to have varied but weight-friendly meal plans is one of the many challenges weight watchers confront. Anasazi beans are an excellent menu choice because they are so rich in soluble fiber. This type of fiber satiates the eater so that they can eat a significantly smaller amount but not feel hungry.

Weight watchers should include this in their meal plans anasazi beans

Could significantly reduce heart disease risks

The same dietary and lifestyle issues that lead to obesity problems also increase the risks of heart problems in many countries. Another advantage of the high soluble fiber content of Anasazi beans is the way they help to lower cholesterol levels. This reduces the risks of those artery blockages that are one of the prime causes of heart problems. Studies demonstrate that eating these cooked beans on a daily basis reduces cholesterol by as much as ten percent in the course of six weeks.



A natural way to fight inflammations

Research findings show that including Anasazi beans in your daily meal plans lowers the risk of developing the inflammations that lead to a range of diseases. This benefit comes about because the fiber these beans contain reduce the amount of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the bloodstream. Also, eating Anasazi beans promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that help to reduce the chance of inflammations occurring. High CRP levels are associated with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and many other serious illnesses.



Improves the operation of the immune system

The immune system usually works away in the background protecting the body against a range of diseases. Unfortunately, most people only become aware of its importance when this system starts to fail. HIV and other autoimmune diseases are major health concerns. You might find it hard to believe that a traditional food like Anasazi beans might have a role in fighting off these kinds of diseases, but academic research backs up this contention. The lectin these beans contain is particularly valuable when it comes to preventing autoimmune diseases spreading.



Assists diabetics to manage their condition

An increase in the incidence of diabetics across the developed world is another worrying public health issue. People with diabetes need to be extremely careful managing their health to avoid serious complications. Everyone appreciates the importance of taking insulin, but meal plan management is also crucial. People with diabetes will be pleased to find out how Anasazi beans can help in their diabetes control. These beans contain what scientists describe as a glucose-binder, and this helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Immunity Build-up

Helps vegetarians to stay healthy

The number of people opting for a vegetarian lifestyle seems to be on the rise for a variety of reasons. While everyone has the right to choose the diet they feel most comfortable to follow; vegetarians need to be aware that they need to find a replacement for the nutrition other people get from meat. The amounts of protein and minerals that Anasazi beans contain give them a comparable nutritional content to meat. This ensures that these beans are a favorite item for vegetarian menus.



Lowers the risk of becoming anemic

Some people tend to become anemic.  A boost to iron levels is another of the important health gains that regular Anasazi bean eaters enjoy. The scientists inform us that a single daily serving of Anasazi beans supplies almost a sixth of our recommended daily iron intake. It is always preferable to obtain iron through meals rather than in supplement form, so their richness in iron makes Anasazi beans a very sound choice for anyone who needs to boost their iron.



Easier to digest than other beans

While many appreciate the nutritional value that beans contribute to their diet, associated flatulence issues discourage them from regularly including them in meal plans. Although this could be a reasonable concern when eating other types of bean, Anasazi beans have much lower carbohydrates content, so this unpleasant side effect is less likely to occur. They also cook faster than other types of beans and proper preparation is another factor that is certain to improve the eating experience.



A good source of antioxidants

Anasazi beans make another significant contribution to raising resistance to disease by boosting the body's antioxidant compounds. When people do not eat healthy foods and fail to get sufficient exercise, the free radical compounds naturally found in bodies start to damage tissue. The antioxidant compounds defend cells against the damage free radicals cause in such situations. It follows automatically that through this strengthening of antioxidant forces the body gains enhanced protection against the diseases that cell damage exposed them to.

Protects Against Free Radical Damage anasazi beans

Increase the body's levels of potassium and folate

The potassium mineral is essential for the effective functioning of vital organs and cells, and it is especially significant to heart and digestive system functioning. Folate acid is a type of vitamin B best known for its importance during pregnancy. Anasazi beans are important sources for both of these vital substances. For example, scientists have found that a cup of these beans contains 680 milligrams of potassium and this is approximately 15% of the typical daily requirement for an adult.

Aids the digestive process anasazi beans


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