Over 40 years ago, many doctors recommended surgery to remove tonsils. Now, we have a better understanding of the vital role the tonsils play in protecting the body from bacteria and viruses. As such, removal is far less common. Even though today's consensus is that a person is better off with tonsils, they can sometimes become infected. If this happens, it can become difficult to swallow, and it can also be quite painful. Tonsillitis is particularly common in children and teenagers, but it can strike at any age. Home remedies for tonsillitis offer safe, alternative treatments to the antibiotics that doctors frequently prescribe, and they have none of the unwelcome side effects.


1. Gargle with Salt Water

Long before antibiotics were developed, a good gargle with salt water was one of the most popular tonsillitis remedies. This old treatment method fell out of favor once antibiotics became available, but it remains as effective as ever. Gargling salt water helps to dry out and cleanse the throat, enabling your body to fight off the infection and prevent it from spreading. Take a teaspoon of salt, and dissolve it in a glass of warm water. Gargle with this solution a few times each day, and spit out the salty water when you are finished. After a few daily doses, you should begin to feel relief from tonsillitis symptoms.

how to treat tonsillitis at home

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