Everyone recognizes the clear links between health and diet. Both the kinds of food you eat and the way you cook them influence your wellbeing. If you have any doubts about this, compare the damage junk food causes with the benefits of a diet rich in natural fruit and vegetables. Contrary to what some people believe, good health does not require you to deprive yourselves of tasty and satisfying meals. It only takes a little more thought about what ingredients you buy and how you prepare them. With so many natural food outlets and an abundance of recipes and healthy cooking guidelines, it is easier than ever before to eat well and stay in good shape.


1. Cook with olive oil

Healthy eaters try to avoid cooking with oil as much as possible, but if you do want to try some food, make sure to use natural olive oil. This is much healthier than corn oil and all the other popular commercial cooking oils. Even though it costs quite a bit more than the cooking oils most people use, it is worth the extra expense. Olive oil lacks the harmful substances found in cheaply manufactured oils. It also provides a valuable dose of the Omega-3 fatty acid that helps to lower blood pressure and thus improve heart health.

olive oil cooking

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