Ever since it was conceived in 1978 in Japan, cryotherapy has been out of reach for most people, because it could only be found in exclusive facilities, not to mention the fact that a small session could reach astronomical prices. However, recently it has made breakthroughs and has become increasingly popular. This is because prices have fallen and more people have discovered its benefits.

It Boosts Metabolism

One of the first benefits you'll notice after a session of cryotherapy is faster metabolism. This means that your body converts food into energy faster, which burns more calories. In other words, by enjoying just one session, your body can burn more than 800 calories. After your session, the body utilizes lots of energy to raise core temperature, causing it to expend calories further. This means that if you're looking to lose a few pounds, cryotherapy should definitely be on your radar.

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It Increases Happiness

The benefits of a few sessions of cryotherapy can be felt everywhere in the body, mind included. Just like an antidepressant, it can naturally boost happiness levels, giving you a more joyful state of mind. The best thing is that the effects are long-lasting, provided that you get regular treatments. It can cause the body to release endorphins, which trigger a feeling of happiness. Moreover, this can cause the body to perceive less pain, and cortisol levels also become lower.



It Manages Pain

If you are currently dealing with conditions that cause chronic pain, or if you have recently become injured, you should consider cryotherapy as a way of rapidly alleviating pain. The cool effects reduce skin temperature, causing a reaction that eventually drops your body's core temperature slightly. This effect is believed to release endorphins into the body, which can help block pain, kind of like anesthesia. While it won't make your pain go away completely, it can offer short-term and effective pain management.

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It Keeps You Focused

The state of your body is closely related to your mind's well-being. That's why the health effects of cryotherapy can extend all the way to the brain, increasing not only happiness but also other factors, such as concentration. Moreover, it can even boost memory, helping you to retrieve thoughts and ideas faster. As you age, the neuro-motors of the brain slowly degrade, causing age-related memory loss; however, if you increase your oxygen levels, your cognitive capabilities are reinforced. This is precisely what cryotherapy achieves. With regular sessions, you can contribute to a more sharp, precise, and agile mind.

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It Improves Physical Performance

It's no secret that many athletes use cryotherapy to boost their performance. Aside from increasing energy levels, it may also help athletes to recover from injury or fatigue. By using this form of therapy, athletes can rest for shorter periods of time, thereby increasing time dedicated to training. This can lead to better results on game day. Even if you're not into competitive sports, it never hurts to enjoy the natural energy boost that occurs during and after cryotherapy. Through vasodilation, blood flow is also increased, without damaging muscles.

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It Fights Insomnia

Insomnia can affect anyone at any time. And it can take a toll on our mental and physical health. If it becomes a chronic and long-term issue, you may turn to cryotherapy to seek relief. Insomnia - and poor sleep in general - can become compromised due to the low level of melatonin. Luckily, some studies have indicated that cryotherapy may naturally boost the production of various components that help promote sleep, ensuring that your body gets the rest that it deserves. Low quality sleep means lower immune defenses, which can leave you prone to diseases and infections.

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It Helps Produce Collagen

If you're concerned about aging, you can let your worries melt away. That's because cryotherapy can be a powerful tool that helps you fight the signs of aging, including wrinkly skin, baggy eyes, and hair loss. All of this is achieved by a higher production of collagen, the main protein of skin and hair. As collagen production increases, so do the appearance of youthful and bright skin. Frequent use can make the skin resilient and more elastic. You can wake goodbye towards complicated and dreadful plastic surgery. This therapy is fast and painless.

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It Reduces Fatigue

Being surrounded by bright screens, noise, and pollution, it's no wonder that many of us find ourselves to be fatigued and lacking energy. This can happen on a daily basis, and when it does, it often leaves us feeling useless and unproductive. However, cryotherapy can help boost our energy levels, allowing us to do more during longer periods of time. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, it can reduce pain and discomfort, and it can improve your quality of life. For those who suffer from chronic pain, this therapy can help take the edge off of your symptoms.



It Improves General Well-being

In general terms, cryotherapy is a holistic treatment that improves both the body and mind. Because everything in the human body is linked to each other, cryotherapy in a way causes a chain reaction of positive effects throughout our internal framework. A higher immune system means less time spent being sick, and more time getting good quality sleep. More sleep means being more productive at work, which also leaves you feeling more satisfied at the end of the day. It's easy to see why so many people find it to be a lifesaver. With the right amount of treatments, it can boost the overall quality of life as well as satisfaction.



It Decreases Inflammation

One of the biggest benefits of cryotherapy is that it can reduce inflammation across the body. Many people suffer from inflammation from time to time, which can cause pain and discomfort. However, cryotherapy and its natural cooling mechanisms can trigger a response which lowers inflammation and reduces irritation. When combined with other forms of therapy, it can be an effective and highly-regarded treatment form for many chronic conditions. It's important to know that it is not suitable for people with highly sensitive skin.



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