This flowering herb grows in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It was a popular ingredient in natural cures as far back as Roman days. Modern medicine pushed it into the sidelights along with many other traditional treatments. With today's growing enthusiasm for natural medications, interest in this herb has revived. Some studies confirm ancient beliefs in its curative qualities. It is now easy to find St. John's Wort or goatweed as some call it, in natural health product stores. People take it raw, or they can get it in the form of capsules and oils.


1. Can help to fight off viruses

When the doctor finds no trace of a bacterial infection, a virus becomes the most likely cause of the illness. While antibiotics offer a tried and tested treatment approach in such cases, there is no comparable virus treatment. This explains the interest in the recent discovery of antiviral properties in St.John's Wort. It is theoretically possible that it will help to treat illnesses such as hepatitis, or even AIDS. The challenge comes from the fact that only big doses seem to have this antiviral effect. Taking this amount of St. John's Wort could cause conflict with other medicines that the patient needs.

Can help to fight off viruses

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