Is it a daily struggle to cook something healthy yet tasty for dinner – and fast! Well, the key is to stock your kitchen with essential items. Instead of loading up on boxed pizza or driving through a fast-food chain, you want to eat healthily. There is a solution to your problem: Weight Watchers. The diet promotes wholesome, nutritious foods known as the Core Food list. With the right foods, you can feel fuller with fewer bites and increase your energy. Skip eating big, empty portions and still being hungry. Make sure you keep these ten foods on hand if you want to start the Weight Watchers diet. You will be on your way to tasty, quick dinners.

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast

You should always have boneless, skinless chicken breast handy because it can be mixed with virtually anything to make a healthy meal for the family. For example, you can grill for a barbecue sandwich, add curry and cumin for a spicy Thai-style satay, or toss some chicken in a green salad. Did you know frozen, sealed chicken can sit in your freezer for up to six months? It’s a simple way to add low-fat protein to your diet. A serving size of cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast is around three ounces. In terms of Weight Watchers PointsPlus value, it’s a three.



Dry-Roasted, Unsalted Nuts

Speaking of boneless, skinless chicken breast, have you ever tried breading them with crushed nuts? This protein-packed meal is not only tasty, but it is healthy as well. The coated cutlet is perfect for stir-fry meals and salads, too. Dry-roasted, unsalted nuts are a better option compared to oily snack mixes. A serving size equals a quarter cup and redeems a PointsPlus value of six. It sounds like a lot, but it makes for the perfect treat.



Frozen Vegetables

Naturally, vegetables are a core food. However, you might benefit from the frozen variety. You can stock your freezer with all your favorites from spinach to broccoli. These are not only good as side dishes but great ingredients for soups and pasta. Weight Watchers endorses Green Giant. A half a cup is one serving size and has a value of zero for your PointsPlus count.



Dried Whole-Wheat Pasta

Pasta is a versatile meal that is easy to make. The next time you crave a delicious dinner that is quick to cook, try the whole-wheat pasta. It has more fiber compared to traditional white flour pasta. The additional fiber means you can consume a smaller portion, but fill up faster. Try pairing angel hair pasta with a low-cal marinara sauce. A splash of olive oil with garlic cloves and red pepper flakes makes for a tasty yet filling dish. One cup of cooked pasta counts as a serving size, which has a PointsPlus value of four.



Lean Ground Beef

If you want to eat some hamburger, go for it! Ground beef is packed with iron, zinc, and protein. You can conveniently crumble meat into a number of dishes from spaghetti to taco casserole. Grilling a good ole three-ounce patty is just one serving. It has a PointsPlus value of three for the Weight Watchers diet. Don’t forget to add some yummy cheese.



Basil Leaves

Whether you are stocking up on seasonings or are trying to add a touch of class to your dish, always remember the basil leaves. When you toss a couple fresh, whole basil leaves into a meal; the delicious spice makes the taste that much better. Don’t forget to use basil leaves to flavor your meats and fish. You can use it to make pesto or spruce up your mozzarella and tomatoes. Basil leaves have a PointsPlus value of zero, and the serving size is pretty much non-existent.




If you are adding basil leaves to your pasta, you should be using canned, crushed, or whole tomatoes. Not only are they a healthy addition to the sauce, but tomatoes can make chili or other soups even tastier. Did you know tomatoes are a loaded with vitamin C and lycopene, which is linked to fighting some types of cancer? Even though one cup is a serving size, it still is a zero on the PointsPlus scale.



Fat-Free Broth

Most cooks already know broth is a must-have for any kitchen cupboard. You can use vegetable, chicken, or beef broth for a variety of meals. The broth is ideal for homemade gravy, thin sauces, and flavoring meat among other uses. If you struggle with eating raw veggies, let them soak in whatever flavor of stock you prefer. They will not only taste better, but they can last for up to three days longer. A serving size of fat-free broth is one cup, and it has zero PointsPlus.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When it comes to olive oil, a little bit goes a long way. The extra virgin variety will boost the flavor. If you have a recipe that calls for oil or fat, consider extra virgin oil olive instead. It is a good fat that is versatile when it comes to cooking. The PointsPlus value for one serving, which is a teaspoon, is one.



Chicken Sausage

If you are searching for a different meat besides regular chicken or ground beef, try chicken sausage. It is lower in fat compared to typical pork sausage. Chicken sausage can spice up dull meals. For example, you can add a Bolognese version to your marinara sauce. Instead of eating a boring, unhealthy hot dog, kick things up a notch with chicken sausage on a roll. Grill two links and split them on a Cuban sandwich. You can even cook some in the morning for breakfast, but it will add about five minutes to your routine. Chicken sausage is available either frozen or fresh. One and half-cooked ounces equal a serving size while the PointsPlus value is one.



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