Brewer’s yeast is made from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a byproduct of the hops fermentation process for beer. It is known for its bitter taste, but also as a powerful nutritional supplement. Brewer's yeast is packed full of B vitamins, along with plenty of minerals, amino acids, and protein. Once you learn how to properly add this supplement to everyday foods, you can enjoy the health benefits of brewer's yeast every day.


1. Brewer’s Yeast May Help Prevent Cancer

Several studies have linked regular consumption of brewer’s yeast with cancer prevention. A cell culture study published in 2012 discovered a polysaccharide molecule in the yeast that protects DNA from damage incurred from UV light exposure. Another study found brewer’s yeast can prevent the ends of chromosomes from becoming eroded, a process that can lead to cell mutations and cancer.

benefits of brewer's yeast

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