Brewer’s yeast is made from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a byproduct of the hops fermentation process for beer. It is known for its bitter taste, but also as a powerful nutritional supplement. Brewer's yeast is packed full of B vitamins, along with plenty of minerals, amino acids, and protein. Once you learn how to properly add this supplement to everyday foods, you can enjoy the health benefits of brewer's yeast every day.

Brewer’s Yeast May Help Prevent Cancer

Several studies have linked regular consumption of brewer’s yeast with cancer prevention. A cell culture study published in 2012 discovered a polysaccharide molecule in the yeast that protects DNA from damage incurred from UV light exposure. Another study found brewer’s yeast can prevent the ends of chromosomes from becoming eroded, a process that can lead to cell mutations and cancer.

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Immune Booster

Through immune system support, brewer’s yeast can stop Clostridium difficile, a type of bacterium, from invading the body. It can also prevent E. coli and salmonella from making people ill. In those who contract salmonella, brewer’s yeast helps improve liver function, enabling the body to more quickly and effectively remove the infection from the bloodstream. Researchers have studied this phenomenon and discovered that brewer’s yeast acts both on a systemic and local level to help boost the immune system and heal the infection.


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Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Those with type 2 diabetes can benefit from a diet containing brewer’s yeast because the yeast is naturally high in glucose tolerance factor (GTF). GTF is known to decrease LDL cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides in people with type 2 diabetes. Animal studies indicate GTF may also prevent eye and kidney damage, two large health risks related to the condition. Finally, the compound can mimic insulin, helping it bind to cells more effectively.

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Enhances Mood and Energy

Due to the presence of nucleotides in brewer’s yeast, this healthy diet supplement can boost both energy levels and mood. Nucleotides have been used by athletes for years to enhance their performance and aid post-workout recovery; they can also improve cognitive function. This combination of qualities has many people discussing brewer's yeast as a supplementary treatment for people with chronic fatigue syndrome. It even contains natural compounds found in common mood disorder medications.

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Helps Aid Weight Loss

A study that included 54 women and men with obesity found regular consumption of brewer’s yeast helped reduce stomach fat and body weight without negatively affecting lean body mass. The results are similar to other studies on humans and animals that show supplementing with brewer's yeast can lower body weight. Yeast can aid in weight loss in two unique ways: reducing the hunger hormone and helping decrease the body's fat production.

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Improves Cognitive Function

Nicotinamide riboside, a form of vitamin B3, occurs naturally in brewer’s yeast and helps preserve and strengthen cognitive function. Vitamin B3 has been found to safely raise levels of the coenzyme NAD, which in turn protects nerve cells and may help prevent degenerative brain diseases. In some early trials, higher levels of NAD from nicotinamide riboside restored cognitive function in a mouse with Alzheimer’s disease.

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May Lower the Risk of Preeclampsia

The S. cerevisiae bacteria found in brewer’s yeast is rich in folate, a significant factor in preventing birth defects. In addition, folate has been found to help reduce oxidative stress in the red blood cells of the umbilical cord. Oxidative stress is a large factor in the development of preeclampsia, a serious disease that can be fatal for both fetus and mother.

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Prevents Hearing Loss

As people age, one of the major problems they face is a decline in hearing ability. The vitamin B3 in brewer’s yeast could help reduce the chance of noise-induced hearing loss by reducing the amount of nerve cell damage caused by exposure to noise.

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Brightens Your Skin

Most people are willing to spend a lot of money on skin products designed to keep their skin healthy and taut, but the solution may be as simple as a little brewer’s yeast. Cosmetic products containing brewer’s yeast can help improve skin's smoothness, as well as moisture and overall brightness. This is likely because S. cerevisiae is packed full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and beta-glucans. These same compounds have also been linked to enhanced wound healing.

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Supports Gut Function

Brewer’s yeast is great for the gut because it can boost immune function in a handful of ways. It starts by helping clean out bad bacteria via the introduction of healthy bacteria known as prebiotics and probiotics. Furthermore, it can prevent fungal toxins and harmful bacteria from sticking to the intestines and causing more serious issues. Additionally, brewer's yeast helps promote the integrity of the gut barrier and fights off infection in the digestive system.

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