Getting stronger and looking better is the dynamic duo of working out. At this stage, we may encounter various obstacles. Many such limitations are right at the core of all fitness goals – the gym. But how is this possible? Although it seems like a fitness paradise, the gym may have more downsides than advantages. Expensive memberships, crowded machines and limited working hours – this is the start. To get rid of such occurrences, people decided to hit the bark in parks worldwide. These unique contraptions allow them to perform various forms of body-weight exercises.


1. Work on your strength

Many people can't accomplish a single dip or pull up when they start. This is normal, as we all come from different backgrounds. Of course, someone with a past in other sports will have the upper hand. Genetics also play a role, albeit an insignificant one. If you're not strong the moment you start – don't worry. In case you can't do a single dip, try doing push-ups. That way, you can strengthen your triceps. With stronger arms, you ensure an imminent completion of your first dip. Of course, try doing it every workout, until you finally can.

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