Getting stronger and looking better is the dynamic duo of working out. At this stage, we may encounter various obstacles. Many such limitations are right at the core of all fitness goals – the gym. But how is this possible? Although it seems like a fitness paradise, the gym may have more downsides than advantages. Expensive memberships, crowded machines and limited working hours – this is the start. To get rid of such occurrences, people decided to hit the bark in parks worldwide. These unique contraptions allow them to perform various forms of body-weight exercises.

Work on your strength

Many people can't accomplish a single dip or pull up when they start. This is normal, as we all come from different backgrounds. Of course, someone with a past in other sports will have the upper hand. Genetics also play a role, albeit an insignificant one. If you're not strong the moment you start – don't worry. In case you can't do a single dip, try doing push-ups. That way, you can strengthen your triceps. With stronger arms, you ensure an imminent completion of your first dip. Of course, try doing it every workout, until you finally can.

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Perceive your progress through a multitude of small goals

In body-weight training, gaining muscle mass won't make your workouts harder. It will make them much easier, so you will have to work on repetitions. As you increase your repetitions, it's important to have a green light at the end of the dock. The best way to keep your mental stamina sturdy is setting minuscule goals. For example, you can set your next goal to be ten pull-ups. You will work so hard to achieve it, and it will materialize. Upon that occurrence, you will notice how easy it was. That accomplishment will fuel your fire and lead you to more success.

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Buy calisthenics gloves

Since you will be gripping the bars a lot, you may need support. Grabbing them for an hour or so every day may damage your skin and cause pain. Sometimes, your skin can get ripped and prevent you from training. Be smart and invest in hand protection. That way, you will ensure better workouts. There is always a group of people who deem that hand protection is feminine or "girly." Don't listen to them. An essential part of every body-weight workout regime is being responsible. Working out with wounds on your hand doesn't fall into that category.

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Don't disregard squats!

Squats are essential when it comes to forging formidable calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. By having strong and durable legs, you will reach bodily and aesthetic balance. Also, squats help in increasing testosterone production in the male body. By having more of that essential hormone, you will gain more muscle mass. Having "good genetics" for legs doesn't count as an excuse. Body-weight training is about functional strength. If one of your body parts is bigger, it doesn't mean it's strong. If you do have big legs, you can hit them with a lighter routine.

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Variations are the key to achievements

A common knock against body-weight training is that there aren't many exercises. When it comes to fitness myth, there isn't one that's bigger than that. So, body-weight chest exercises are much more abundant than weighted ones. Let's take push-ups as an example. Variations of push-ups are still different exercises. You can do diamond push-ups for triceps and incline push-ups for the upper chest. If you set your mind free, you can get anything you want. There are no limitations in calisthenics.

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Eat a carbohydrate-rich meal before your workout

Essential, we draw energy from carbohydrates we eat. While planning a workout session, you sure will not be able to complete it with a piece of chicken breast. Our muscle fibers yearn for carbohydrates. You have no other choice but to feed them. Having a bowl of oatmeal or a smaller plate of pasta will do. If you eat it 60-90 minutes before working out, you will go into beast mode instantly. You will notice the difference, too. By having your muscles well fed, they will respond to your commands better. Better workouts equal better results, right?

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Indulge in protein after completing the workout

There are many misconceptions about gaining muscle mass. The most common one is that working out causes the muscles to grow. Saying such a thing couldn't be farther from the truth. Working out only rips the muscle fibers and causes them to swell. You grow your muscles by filling those rips with protein. That's how your fibers get bigger and longer, resulting in more muscle mass. A good meal after a workout is a guarantee that you will achieve your desired results.

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Sleep regularly

Sleeping is your body's way of doing maintenance work. While snoozing at night, your cells regenerate, and your muscles absorb the protein. By sleeping at least 8 hours, you will ensure a healthy schedule of muscle improvement. However, if you don't sleep, you won't get anywhere. Your cells won't have time to regenerate, and you will face only stagnation. If you think you can't sleep at least six hours, you should reconsider organizing yourself better.

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Don't be afraid of a little cardio

It's okay if you don't want visible abs or more defined muscles. You should do cardio for health. Jogging and sprinting each improves your general well-being. By doing cardio exercise, you ensure a better blood flow throughout the organism. That in itself has many benefits. When your blood flow is super efficient, you will gain more muscle mass. This happens because your blood will transport protein to your muscles much faster. Something like that is a bonus you shouldn't reject.

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Have warm clothes ready

Just because it's winter, it doesn't mean you should stop with your regime. The best thing about workout bars is that they're always there. Regardless of the season, you can work out just the same. The only thing you need to do is dress accordingly. Besides, working out warms up the body significantly. Even under extremely cold conditions, a beanie and a hoodie will do just fine. You will need both protection from the cold and a free range of movement.

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