It's always good to be aware of our bodies, including our weight. If things get out of control, exercise may come in handy if we wish to regain our health. Indeed, any weight loss plan needs to include some form of exercise, whether that is in the shape of resistance training or cardio. Ideally, it'll combine both types of exercise for a well-balanced and optimal workout plan. Diet is another element that cannot be taken for granted; after all, they say diet makes up for more than 70% of weight-loss results, while exercise accounts for the rest.


1. Deadlift

An excellent exercise for weight loss is the deadlift. This is a classic in the weightlifting community and is as essential part of any workout plan that aims to lose weight. You can perform a deadlift with a variety of weights - find one that suits your goals. Start by standing behind the barbell, with your knees bent slightly. Then, grab the weight, making sure to keep your back straight. To perform the exercise, push the hips forwards as to lift the weight. To lower the bar, push the hips back, making sure not to bend the knees too much. You should feel a slight pull in the muscles of the thighs.

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