It's always good to be aware of our bodies, including our weight. If things get out of control, exercise may come in handy if we wish to regain our health. Indeed, any weight loss plan needs to include some form of exercise, whether that is in the shape of resistance training or cardio. Ideally, it'll combine both types of exercise for a well-balanced and optimal workout plan. Diet is another element that cannot be taken for granted; after all, they say diet makes up for more than 70% of weight-loss results, while exercise accounts for the rest.


An excellent exercise for weight loss is the deadlift. This is a classic in the weightlifting community and is as essential part of any workout plan that aims to lose weight. You can perform a deadlift with a variety of weights - find one that suits your goals. Start by standing behind the barbell, with your knees bent slightly. Then, grab the weight, making sure to keep your back straight. To perform the exercise, push the hips forwards as to lift the weight. To lower the bar, push the hips back, making sure not to bend the knees too much. You should feel a slight pull in the muscles of the thighs.

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Barbell Bench Press

The barbell bench press is next on the list of fat-burning exercises. Why? Because it is one of the most effective ways to activate a large group of muscles at the same time; it is also easy to perform. Use a barbell to execute this exercise. Start by lying back on a bench, holding the barbell above you with an overhand grip. Make sure that you employ a shoulder-width grip. Then, slowly lift the bar and allow it move over your chest with arms fully extended. Cautiously lower the bar until it nearly touches the middle of the chest and push the bar back to its original position.

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Barbell Lunge

Lunges are generally considered one of the most important exercises in any fitness plan. They engage important muscle groups in the leg, helping to strengthen the body and help you lose weight. To do a barbell lunge, choose a weight that suits your plan. Then, from a starting position going into a lunge, making sure that both legs are bent. The back knee should optimally touch the ground. Then, push yourself back up to the starting position and repeat as prescribed. Expect to be sore for a couple of days, but over time, the results will show.

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Bent Over Rows

Bent over rows should be considered by anyone looking to lose a few pounds. This is a highly versatile exercise and suits nearly everyone. You can even perform it with water jugs if you don't own other weight equipment. Bent over rows target the back muscles mainly, but they're also great for the biceps. To perform a bent over row, start by holding a weight in each hand. Then, with the knees slightly bent, position your body so that the upper body is almost parallel to the floor. Ensure that the core muscles stay tight, and slowly row the weights up to the chest. Repeat as necessary.

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Sit-ups bring back memories of elementary school gym classes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't embrace this exercise. It's exceedingly easy, but also extremely effective in building muscle mass and helping to shed off extra weight. Sit-ups can be performed easily from your own home. Simply lie down on the floor with the knees bent. Optionally, you may place a small weight on the feet as to prevent movement. Then, engage the core muscles and lift up the torso as to pull up the upper body, nearly reaching the knees. Lower the body back and repeat.

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Burpees have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their high-intensity nature. They are both a muscle-building and aerobic exercise. Performing a burpee will increase your heartbeat while at the same time shaping your body towards a more ideal and muscular form. To perform a burpee, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, perform a squat; when your thighs reach the floor, place your hand on the floor and push the legs behind you to get into a pushup position. Then return to the starting position and repeat.

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Regardless of what you do, if you don't incorporate some form of cardio into your weight-loss plan, you won't lose weight effectively. Cardio is important because it helps your body to burn excess fat from the body, giving you a lean and toned shape. Moreover, cardio elevated the metabolism of the body, helping you to burn calories even when you're not moving. Some examples of cardio include jogging, HIIT training, as well as jumping jacks. Consult your trainer for tips on how to perform cardio in a suitable way for you.

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Interval Training

Interval training is all the rage nowadays. Time after time, experts are recommending and endorsing interval training as a powerful tool for weight loss and good health overall. This form of exercise gets the heart rate to increase rapidly, followed by a sudden decrease. That way, your metabolism is stimulated, helping you to burn more calories. Many exercises can be performed to induce interval training, including indoor cycling, which is also an excellent way to engage different muscles of the body. It's important to perform interval training on a consistent basis to fully reap the benefits.

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As mentioned previously, interval training is the new craze in the weight loss community, especially due to its benefits when it comes to losing weight fast. One of the best ways to perform interval training is by practicing boxing. Boxing is a dynamic sport that allows you to work different parts of the body in a fun way. It also provides plenty of movement, therefore increasing heart rate and inducing weight loss. There are plenty of gyms out there that offer beginning classes for boxing. You can slowly incorporate more complex movements into your workout plan.




Another example of a recent trend in the workout community is CrossFit. Recognized for its muscle-building and fat-burning properties, CrossFit is the perfect combination of exercises that help the body to become healthier and more balanced. CrossFit involves a variety of exercises that target different muscles of the body. A few examples include kettlebell swings and burpees. If you're looking for something innovative and fun, CrossFit may be the perfect workout for you. Just be careful not to overdo it: too much exercise can strain the body and leave you feeling exhausted.

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