Whoever happens to be keen on keeping fit knows about circuit training, but to many others, this topic remains unfamiliar. If someone hazards a guess, it would be natural to assume that circuit training involves running around a track a certain number of times, but this is not the kind of circuit in question. The "circuit" in circuit training refers to a set of physical exercises repeated in rapid succession for up to a minute and then resumed after a short rest interval. Usually, each circuit involves anything from half a dozen to a dozen such movements repeated three or four times.

Helps you to lose weight

The fact that obesity has become such a problem in the western world is no secret. One of the major advantages of circuit training is that it helps you to lose weight and keep your weight down. This exercise technique combines short periods of intense effort followed by rest periods. At the same time, you avoid exhaustion so you can get much more exercise and calorie reduction than would otherwise be possible. This enables you to burn up many more calories than you consume during other types of physical fitness programs.

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Exercise that is good for the heart

The combination of vigorous exercise with short periods of rest pushes up your heart rate. This kind of program forces the heart to work away pumping oxygen much harder than the way it works in an exercise routine without breaks. You can compare it to repeatedly starting and stopping a motor in comparison with leaving it running. The fresh starts demand an upsurge of power that continued operation does not require. Although it is probably stating the obvious nobody with a history of heart problems should attempt circuit training without first consulting their heart doctor.

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Suitable for those with previous injuries

Anyone injured while exercising or during a sports session is concerned to avoid aggravating their injury. One of the big advantages of circuit training is that it gives you the means to prevent further damage to injured areas and protect yourself against new injuries. The circuits comprise many kinds of movements, so it is easy to replace a movement that affects the damaged body area with another movement. Participants also find that the chance of movements reduces the strain they experience while running or lifting weights over a long period.

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Safe exercising is a boon for athletes

While circuit training can benefit anyone who is keen to keep their weight down to a healthy level, it has additional value for amateur and professional athletes. It is of vital importance for them to minimize the risks of injury while training for accidents cause them to miss important competitions. In addition to the desire to maintain a healthy body that everyone shares, they have a particular interest in injury avoidance. It is a well-known fact that overuse of a limb is a common cause of training accidents. The circuit training approach dramatically reduces the risk of this type of training injury.

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Reduces the risk of developing certain diseases

The very fact that circuit training keeps your body in good shape strengthens its immunity against a range of diseases, yet it also has very specific illness prevention benefits. Advocates of this exercise approach point out how it provides an excellent way to improve your blood circulation. In this way, it might play a role reducing the risks of developing diabetes. It also benefits sufferers from chronic lung diseases like asthma.

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No need to spend any money on equipment

You do not need to buy any special equipment to start circuit training. You may include barbells or other devices in the program, but they are not essential. It is possible to achieve a great deal by just using your body weight. This is good news for anyone on a limited budget, or for somebody who has neither time nor interest to go shopping for weights or other gym items. It is also convenient to discover that you can do circuit training wherever you want. There is no need to go to the gym. You can just as easily do these workouts at home, garden or office.

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Emotional benefits

The connection between physical and emotional health is now widely recognized. Just as circuit training helps strengthen the body and protect it against diseases it also has a positive effect on your general mood. Through raising your energy level, it makes you better prepared to handle life's normal challenges. There is clear evidence that it helps to reduce stress and anxiety and this ensures you can function more effectively.

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Economical on time commitment

Even though many recognize the importance of exercise to their general health, they feel unable to make the time commitment. Circuit training is more likely to appeal to such individuals. So much can be achieved in an intense half an hour workout. It takes much longer to benefit to the same extent from other kinds of exercise. Everyone can find time to fit a couple of half hour circuit training sessions each work into their schedule.



Helps to overcome insomnia

Regular circuit training sessions could be a good solution for insomnia sufferers. Researchers find that participants in these of exercises find it much easier to get to sleep at night. They also enjoy a better quality sleep than they experienced before beginning circuit training. With the benefits of a good sleep, they function on a higher level during their working or studying day. They become less likely to get involved in traffic or work accidents. Their emotional health and social life also gain from improved sleeping patterns.



A good way to make friends

Even though it is not necessary to do circuit training in a gym, there are many social advantages to joining one. It is important to get away from the house and office on occasion. It is easy to make new friends at the gym because everyone who goes there shares similar objectives. The absence of the real competitive element in circuit training removes any rivalry element. Inevitably, the common interests prepare the ground for real friendships to develop.

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