Whoever happens to be keen on keeping fit knows about circuit training, but to many others, this topic remains unfamiliar. If someone hazards a guess, it would be natural to assume that circuit training involves running around a track a certain number of times, but this is not the kind of circuit in question. The "circuit" in circuit training refers to a set of physical exercises repeated in rapid succession for up to a minute and then resumed after a short rest interval. Usually, each circuit involves anything from half a dozen to a dozen such movements repeated three or four times.


1. Helps you to lose weight

The fact that obesity has become such a problem in the western world is no secret. One of the major advantages of circuit training is that it helps you to lose weight and keep your weight down. This exercise technique combines short periods of intense effort followed by rest periods. At the same time, you avoid exhaustion so you can get much more exercise and calorie reduction than would otherwise be possible. This enables you to burn up many more calories than you consume during other types of physical fitness programs.

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