An abscess occurs when bacteria cause an infection at the surface level of your skin, causing a soft mass to form. Usually, they will be pink or red in color and will feel warm to the touch. Abscesses are very painful because they are filled with pus, and they often need to be drained by a medical professional. If your abscess is severe, you should not attempt to drain it yourself, since doing so could cause the infection to spread. For minor instances, however, home remedies for abscesses can reduce symptoms and may even allow the abscess to heal on its own.


1. Warm Compresses

One of the most common remedies for abscesses is the use of a warm compress. Even if you are prescribed antibiotics or have the abscess drained, your physician will likely recommend that you apply a warm compress at least once a day. This can help to cleanse the area and draw the bacteria out. It may also help to relieve symptoms like pain and discomfort. For best results, moisten a clean washcloth with hot water. Allow the cloth to cool until it is comfortable to the touch, then apply to the affected area for twenty minutes.

home remedies for abscesses

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