Trends come and go but some are more memorable than others; and some boast better staying power. Elephant dung coffee, also known as black ivory coffee, is a new trend in the stream of cuppa-joe crazes. Whether or not it will outlast the caramel macchiato remains to be seen. Elephant dung coffee boasts a delectable chocolate and slightly floral aroma complemented by a cherry-chocolate taste. This, in itself, appeals to many coffee connoisseurs. However, the process by which this coffee is processed—through an elephant’s digestive tract—is what makes this java trend so unusual.


1. What is Elephant Dung Coffee?

Elephant dung coffee is normal coffee that goes through a not-so-typical production process. In order to achieve the smooth, rich tones of this varietal, the coffee beans are first fed to elephants. After passing through the digestive tract of each elephant, the beans are harvested. After being, thankfully, washed thoroughly and left to dry, they are packaged and sold to discerning coffee drinkers around the world.

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images


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