The vertical diet is a nutrition plan designed by a personal trainer to balance hormones while correcting nutritional deficiencies. While the intended target is athletes, others can benefit from this diet as well. Like many eating plans, it is critical to understand how and why the vertical diet is intended to work. This gives you the ability to weigh the benefits and drawbacks and decide whether this carbs- and protein-focused diet is right for you.


1. How the Vertical Diet Works

The overall aim of the vertical diet is twofold. First, it strives to help people lose weight. Once this goal is achieved, the diet helps convert fat into lean muscle. The vertical diet is focused on a narrow range of food groups, while traditional “horizontal” diets incorporate multiple food groups. By restricting the foods from which the body gets its nutrients, the diet may be able to improve gut health, boost metabolism, encourage recovery, and build lean muscle.

Nutritients in the Vertical Diet a_namenko / Getty Images

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