One of the most common gynecological conditions for women often shows no symptoms. Cervicitis is inflammation or irritation of the cervix and can be infectious or noninfectious. Without treatment, some types of cervicitis lead to serious reproductive system complications. Research shows that a majority of cervicitis cases stem from sexually transmitted infections, though allergic reactions and vaginal bacterial infections can also precipitate the condition. Routine gynecological examinations are crucial to catch conditions like cervicitis early and protect reproductive health.


1. Physiology

The lower-third section of the uterus is a donut-shaped opening called the cervix. This important part of a woman’s reproductive system connects the vagina with the body of the uterus. Not only does the cervix help sperm pass into the uterus, but it also keeps the female upper reproductive tract sterile, protecting it from bacterial infection. Various infections can produce inflammation in the cervical tissue. If this occurs, the infection may spread to the uterus or other reproductive organs.

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