A bladder infection occurs when certain bacteria infect the urinary tract. Painful symptoms may appear, such as a deep burning sensation. This condition mostly affects women; in fact, around half of all women will experience symptoms related to bladder infection during their lifetime. By taking the right preventive measures, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing a bladder infection. There are many affordable, abundant, and readily available home remedies that can alleviate symptoms. Find out the top ten best home remedies for a bladder infection.

Stay Hydrated

Without a doubt, the best thing you can do to prevent a bladder infection from occurring is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep the urinary tract clean and free from infectious bacteria. It is recommended to drink at least one glass of water for every meal you have, but don't be afraid to drink even more than that. It's important to remember that drinking too much water in one sitting can be fatal, so drink water in moderation throughout the day. To make hydration easier, try making lemon water, or water mixed with your favorite juice concentrate.

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Urinate Often

By drinking plenty of water, you will also urinate more. Urinating frequently can drastically reduce your risk of developing a bladder infection because it flushes out potentially damaging bacteria from the urinary tract. If you're someone who holds urine in, it is highly recommended to take steps to reduce this habit. Holding urine in allows bacteria to multiply within the urinary tract, which may lead to an infection.

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Proper Hygiene

Adequate hygiene is the key to preventing a bladder infection. This is particularly the case for women, who are much more likely to develop an infection in the urinary tract. After going to the bathroom, remember to wipe from front to back, as this is the optimal bacteria-reducing movement because it prevents bacteria from reaching the urethra. Another good tip is to wear clothing that allows the urethra to stay dry. Moist environments are propitious for the development of bacteria. Try avoiding jeans and other tight clothing, and incorporate softer fabrics into your wardrobe.

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Probiotics are an excellent way to treat and prevent a bladder infection. Probiotics work by developing and enhancing healthy bacterial flora in the gut. Probiotics also create a defensive wall in the bladder, protecting it against infections. This type of bacteria can help overcome the infection and are considered the first line of defense against any infection. To consume probiotics, look for products such as organic yogurt, which has the highest concentration of probiotics. Kimchi and other fermented foods are also rich in this substance. As an alternative, you may also consume probiotics in supplement form.

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This delicious and refreshing home remedy is an easy way to treat a bladder infection. They're healthy and are packed with a variety of nutrients and minerals. Cucumbers have a high water content, which leaves you feeling refreshed and hydrated. They also provide a much-needed antioxidant boost to your immune system, which can help overcome infections. You can incorporate cucumbers into salads, purees, or smoothies. They're also great by themselves, and they can be combined with healthy dips such as hummus. For a refreshing drink, infuse your drinking water with cucumber slices.

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Pain Relievers

Because the pain resulting from a bladder infection can be very intense, it may be necessary to take pain relievers. Certain over-the-counter pain medications may be useful in relieving symptoms and making you feel better. Before using any pain relievers, consult your doctor to make sure they are right for you. Never take pain relievers with alcohol.

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Avoid Caffeine

Avoiding caffeine is an important step you can take to reduce your chance of developing a bladder infection. Caffeine is an irritant, meaning that it can upset the tissue that makes up the urinary tract, causing inflammation and the potential for infection. If this occurs, bacteria are more likely to adhere to the urinary tract.

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Use Heat

Using different variations of temperature can help to ease the symptoms of a bladder infection. Because of the high degree of pain caused by an infection of the urinary tract, heat can be useful in controlling discomfort. It may also make it easier to urinate. People who have suffered from bladder infection often say that intense cramping characterized their condition. To alleviate pain, use a heating pad to dissipate discomfort in the bladder are. The warmth will help to soothe the muscles and promote a feeling of tranquility. It also reduces spasms in the bladder.

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Ginger Tea

It's no surprise that ginger appears on this list. After all, it is one of the best natural remedies in dealing with inflammation or bacterial infections. Ginger is especially powerful in controlling inflammation because it contains naturally-occurring chemicals that block the nerves that allow for the transition of pain signals to our brain. Similarly, it can impede or reduce inflammation. Ginger is also antioxidant-rich and can be consumed as a tea to enhance the immune system. Raw ginger can also be eaten in small quantities.

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Cranberry Juice

Last on the list in cranberry juice, which is a potent natural remedy that can help treat all kinds of bacterial infections, including bladder infections. Cranberry juice is full of vitamins and antioxidants that help to kill infection-causing bacteria. The acidic nature of this remedy reduces the risk of developing an infection in the urinary tract because it clings to the lining of the bladder, protecting it from bacteria. It also makes it harder for any infection to multiply within the urinary tract. Drinking large amounts of cranberry juice is necessary to reap the benefits of this remedy fully, so if the bitter juice isn't your thing you should opt for another alternative.

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