Shingles is caused by the same virus as the chicken pox. Having chicken pox as a kid was hard enough, but having it reappear again is even more difficult. Sadly, the virus itself never disappears from your body; it will continue to lurk in your nervous system until it attacks your weakened immune system. For this reason, shingles are more common in older adults, although it can appear any time the conditions are right. People who had an organ transplant or have cancer or AIDS are more likely to get shingles due to being immunosuppressed. At the onset of shingles, you will usually feel pain or some kind of tingling at some parts of your body. In most cases, this sensation is limited to one side of your body. And soon after that, you'll get a red rash, which will be followed by blisters that can last from a few days to several weeks. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to make the virus easier to weather. Here are ten home remedies for shingles.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a pantry staple in most homes that is as versatile as it is affordable. The best way to use baking soda for relief from the symptoms of shingles is to turn it into a paste by adding a little bit of water. After mixing, apply this paste directly on the affected area and be very gentle in order not to irritate the skin.

home remedies for Shingles


Garlic is extra useful and practical when it comes to shingles. This herb is one of the greatest antiviral foods that you can find in your home, supporting your immune system and promoting heart health. To get the benefits from garlic, create a thick paste out of about four garlic cloves and apply it to the area with shingles. After that, you only need to hold it for a few minutes, and then wash it off with warm water. Alternately, you could eat a few cloves daily.

Remedies for Shingles


Thanks to honey's skin-reviving and healing properties, it provides a simple, effective way of reducing the pain associated with the shingles virus. To use, get a bandage and put a small amount of honey on it. Place it on the affected area as needed, changing the bandage and honey every few hours. For a healthy immune system, eat a tablespoon of honey each day.


Cold Water

Drinking eight glasses of water per day is a great way to ensure that you're fully hydrated. Not only does this promote clearer and healthier skin, but your immune system will be more stabilized as well. In addition to drinking a generous amount of water, you can also gain relief from the pain of shingles by applying cool water to the affected areas. Simply soak a towel in water that is comfortably cool and place it on the affected area, changing it every 20 minutes.

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Take a Pain Reliever

Taking a common over-the-counter pain reliever is an effective way to get relief from the pain and reduce the inflammation that shingles brings. Your doctor can help you evaluate your specific needs, as well as any allergies that you may have, to choose the pain reliever that will work best for you.

natural Remedies for Shingles

Creams and Lotions

Lotions that contain zinc oxide and ferric oxide are widely available in any supermarket or drugstore. While this type of lotion is typically used for sunburn, insect bites, and other mild skin condition, it is an especially effective treatment for both chickenpox and shingles. It dries out the infection, promoting quick healing and immediate comfort. To use, simply soak a cotton ball in the lotion and apply it directly to the blisters.

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Lemon Balm

Lemon balm contains polyphenols, a component that provides this herb antiviral characteristics. It is a common natural remedy for other types of blisters and rashes and is an effective treatment for shingles. To use, make a tea out of lemon balm and let it cool to room temperature. Then, soak a cotton ball or washcloth in the tea and apply it directly to the affected area.

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Today, licorice is used as a sweetener, but it has a long history of medicinal use for everything from sore throats to digestive issues. This root contains antiviral and immune-boosting properties, which helps your body in fighting the shingles virus. Licorice can be bought in powder form, which can be turned into a paste and applied directly to the affected skin. Alternately, you can make a tea from the licorice root, soak a cotton ball in it, and gently dab your blisters with the liquid. This can be applied as needed.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, both of which are essential when it comes to shingles. To use, warm pure virgin coconut oil just enough to slightly melt it, then rub it onto the affected skin.

oil Remedies for Shingles

Essential Oils

Essential oils can provide soothing relief and possibly even promote more efficient healing. Before choosing an oil, it's important to do your research, as some may burn and irritate your skin.

oils Remedies for Shingles


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