The sciatic nerve goes all the way from behind the pelvis and down the legs to the feet. No other nerve matches its length. It is also one of the best-known nerves to the general public because of the association with sciatica pain. Pressure on this nerve causes this pain in the legs and posterior. In the most extreme cases, pain could continue for more than a year without effective treatment. The most common cause is a slipped disc, but sometimes sciatica is caused by infection. Standard medical treatments often involve painkillers, but these may have undesirable side effects. So what are the natural alternatives?


1. A visit to an acupuncture clinic

At one time western doctors tended to dismiss the Chinese practice of acupuncture as some quack medicine, but today they have come to accept its value. The treatment of sciatica is one of the main areas where academic studies show that acupuncture can help. No doubt some potential patients might be put off by the thought of the acupuncturist putting needles into their body, but the procedure looks more much painful than it is in fact. Many find it helps reduce inflammation and improve lumbar circulation in a way that helps sciatica heal that much sooner.

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