Back pain and sciatica are very common but also very treatable. Around one in ten people worldwide suffer from chronic back pain; in the United States, it's eight out of ten. Most people believe that the use of pain-relieving drugs and opioids are the best way to treat sciatic pain, but exercises are the most natural and efficient way for long-term treatment of sciatica. We have listed some of the best exercises to get you on the road to leading a pain-free life. Combined with understanding your back pain and its physical or emotional triggers, these exercises will help you recuperate and regenerate your body. Make sure you are not too aggressive with these ten exercises for sciatica, and continue in slow, even, smooth motions.


1. Flossing

We begin with the simplest of sciatic nerve exercises, but one where you may feel an increased pain while stretching. Sitting in a chair where your knees are not lower than your hips, keep your back straight and shoulders down, breath to relax and rest your hands on your thighs. Extend your right leg, so it's straight while flexing the foot and, at the same time, look up to the ceiling. Be careful not to squash or crunch the neck when you look up; keep the neck extended. Hold for five seconds before returning to the start position, then repeat ten times on each leg.

leg extending exercises for sciatica

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