Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by exposal to asbestos fibers. Approximately 2000 Americans each year develop mesothelioma compared with the 150,000 diagnosed with lung cancer. The mesothelioma disease can do undetected for a long while since its symptoms are not easily discernable from other and milder conditions. In a significant number of cases there are no symptoms whatsoever at first with the disease only discovered after an x-ray. When symptoms do appear they can vary according to the area of the body under attack. Because the mesothelioma is usually only detected at such a late stage it is very difficult to treat.

Chest pains

These pains are one of the more common mesothelioma symptoms caused by an accumulation of fluids in the chest. They are most likely to appear if the disease attacks the lungs but even in this case there is no certainly chest pains will be felt. Everyone is well aware that a number of other ailments also cause chest pains, for example, there could be heart issue or even something as mild as a digestive complaint. Since there is no way to know for sure that this is a case of mesothelioma somebody who was exposed to asbestos fibers should definitely get an x-ray just to rule out this frightening possibility. In any event the sources of the chest pains ought to be investigated.

mesothelioma cancer


Breathing difficulties

This is another example of a common complaint that is sometimes associated with mesothelioma, but it could have a number of other causes. When people pass a certain age shortness of breath becomes much more common. This condition is also frequently linked to asthma. Even though all of these other possibilities do exist someone who knows they were exposed to asbestos fibers cannot afford to take shortness of breath so lightly. They need to consult with a doctor and take whatever tests are required to hopefully eliminate the possibilities that they have developed this disease.

difficulties mesothelioma


That cough won’t go away

Someone with an annoying cough that just won’t go away has more reason than most for concern if in previous years they worked with asbestos. Certainly mesothelioma is not the only possible source of this continual cough; hopefully tests will show that the cause is a much easier to treat bronchial problem. However, medical records show that this is another of the common signs of mesothelioma that a sufferer could experience. Anyone with such a cough is likely to make a doctor’s appointment, but if they have handled asbestos the doctor must take into account this possibility.

asbestos fiber mesothelioma


Disinterested in eating

No doubt some people with weight issues would consider a loss of appetite a blessing but for somebody who has worked a while with asbestos it might be a symptom of mesothelioma. However, as with the other symptoms of this dreadful illness, this particular symptom is shared with a whole range of health issues. Stress and other emotional problems also affect appetite so it is impossible to draw conclusions without further medical investigation.

asbestos mesothelioma


Hard to explain loss of weight

Despite all of those who would be glad to discover that they have suddenly lost weight this is not invariably a positive sign. In contrast to the loss of weight that comes from an exercise program or change in diet the weight decline that could be a symptom of mesothelioma occurs without any obvious reason. People who have been exposed to asbestos fiber need to keep a watch on their weight so they will immediately notice if a weight decline occurs.

weight loss mesothelioma


Unusually Fatigued

Since people living very active working and social lives might easily become fatigued, it is easy to pay this matter little heed. In addition to lifestyle, a number of illnesses also run the body down so it is hard to connect this to mesothelioma without additional tests. All the same, those who know they worked with asbestos need to be particularly sensitive to long bouts of fatigue since it could be one of the symptoms of mesothelioma.

fatigue mesothelioma


Bouts of diarrhea

All kinds of sickness ranging from a mild stomach bug to a life-threatening disease can cause diarrhea but it this also figures as another of those mesothelioma symptoms that is very hard to distinguish from signs of other health problems. If someone has never been exposed to asbestos there is probably no reason for any special concern, but whoever has worked with this material is strongly advised to consult their doctor. The advantages of early diagnosis outweigh any concerns about being worried for no good reason.

mesothelioma signs


Running a fever

High fever is another classic example of a mesothelioma symptom easily confused with the symptoms of some minor complaint. There is no shortage of viruses and bacteria that cause fevers. Usually, with rest and medications the fever goes down and the patient recovers. Nevertheless, anyone who has significant contact with asbestos in their life history should seek a medical opinion. If is often very hard to know the symptoms of mesothelioma from those of more common complaints without extensive clinical testing.

fever mesothelioma



It is surprising to discover that mesothelioma can cause constipation as well as diarrhea since these conditions appear to be the exact opposites of each other. Yet studies show that mesothelioma may cause either constipation or diarrhea. Whoever has past experience dealing with asbestos should not hesitate to consult with their doctor if they start to suffer from constipation.

symptoms of mesothelioma


Hoarse Throat

Only those who have made detailed studies of mesothelioma symptoms are likely to know that a hoarse throat also appears on the symptoms list. To most of us this is one of the most innocuous health issues. It is annoying and definitely inconvenient to someone who works in sales, teaching or other professions where you need to do a lot of speaking, but who would consider it a serious health threat? Whoever has worked with asbestos cannot afford to ignore it if they start to feel hoarse and sense pressure on the larynx.

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