Today we are aware of the dangers that asbestos fibers cause, but this is probably little comfort to those who worked with asbestos in earlier years. These fibers cause mesothelioma cancer ¾ one of the most difficult diseases to treat. Mesothelioma may not appear until twenty or even forty years after the initial exposal to asbestos, so even an asbestos worker free of the disease at the moment has a proverbial sword hanging over them. The disease often develops without any visible initial signs and might only be detected through an X-ray. Since early discovery is a key to successful treatment the prognosis for mesothelioma sufferers is not good.

Feeling pains in the chest

Chest pains should not be treated lightly whatever their source. One understandable reaction is to jump to the conclusion that these pains must be something to do with a heart problem, but there are many other possibilities, and one of these is mesothelioma. A significant number of patients experience chest pains, but there are also a good number of exceptions. The only way to find out for certain is through x-rays and whatever additional tests the doctors needs to make a final diagnosis. One patient survey found that approximately two-thirds of those with this disease reported chest pains as one of its symptoms.

chest pain mesothelioma


Shortness of breath

The sight of a very older adult who is short of breath is quite common. There are also plenty of people with asthma who have breathing difficulties when this illness flares up. In both these cases, there is no reason for any particular concern as the conditions and treatments very well know. However, this condition must not be treated so lightly if it happens to a person who has worked with asbestos. Shortness of breath is one of the more common signs of mesothelioma. It needs to be taken very seriously because the sooner the disease is detected, the more the doctors can achieve through their treatments.

short o breath mesothelioma


An annoying cough

People usually consider a cough as a slight complaint, and even when it persistently refuses to go away, they do not become too concerned. In the majority of cases, this problem is easily cured, so their lack of worry is understandable, but those who have worked with asbestos cannot afford to treat a persistent cough so lightly. A sufficient number of mesothelioma sufferers tell doctors that they experience this kind of cough. A proper medical check is essential to rule out this disease as the cause of a cough.

cough types mesothelioma


Loss of normal appetite

Every person knows their average level of hungriness so they should be able to quickly judge if something seems not quite right with their appetite. Many kinds of physical and emotional health issues might cause a loss of appetite, so there is no reason to assume that this is a sign of mesothelioma. Nevertheless, since those with this disease often list it as one of its signs someone who worked with asbestos over some years ought to get checked by their doctor.

mesothelioma affect on appetite


A Sudden Weight Loss

The sudden weight decline that represents another common mesothelioma symptom is an occurrence even overweight people will be distressed to discover. It must be stressed that the weight loss discussed here is one that cannot easily be linked to another type of illness, pain or another kind of issue in this person’s life. It comes like the proverbial bolt out of the blue when nobody can find any explanation why it might have happened. In this situation, a professional medical opinion must be sought.

weight loss mesothelioma


Becoming Run Down

Even someone who has never had to deal with asbestos has a cause for concern if they often become fatigued and if this exhaustion continues. Some people are weaker than others, and this might make them more prone to fatigue, and there is no shortage of physical and mental health problems where this excessive tiredness is one of the signs. All the same, the fact that it does occur so often in cases of mesothelioma places a premium on getting a sound medical diagnosis.

mesothelioma tired


Attack of diarrhea

Diarrhea is connected with all kinds of illnesses from a minor to a major health issue. A normally healthy person who has never come near asbestos fibers need not have any special concerns. On the other hand, someone who was employed in a job where they might have been in contact with asbestos fibers must treat this diarrhea more seriously. The possibility that this is a sign of mesothelioma cannot be dismissed without clinical tests.

do i have mesothelioma


Having a High Temperature

Given that a high temperature is such a common condition, people will be tempted to treat it with standard over-the-counter medication. This may be a safe and sensible approach for the majority of people. However, those who have worked with asbestos must be far more cautious. Even though mesothelioma may not always cause high fever, this is common enough to warrant further investigation.

what is mesothelioma


Becoming Constipated

After learning that diarrhea is one of the signs, it is hard to believe that constipation is another. When bowel movements become irregular, those exposed to asbestos fibers requires a thorough medical checkup. Even if it turns out to be minor, it is always preferable to err on the side of caution.

mesothelioma symptoms


The Throat Feels Hoarse

A person who knows for certain that they have never been exposed to asbestos fibers has no reason to be worried if they develop a sore throat. However, if their work brought them into regular contact with asbestos, they should see a doctor if they feel hoarse. Another concerning sign is an uncomfortable pressure against the larynx. This warning sign has been reported too often for anyone to ignore it recklessly.

mesothelioma signs


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