Munchausen syndrome is a mental health condition in which the person feigns or forces illness by injuring themselves, contaminating urine samples, or purposefully contracting a disease. A number of motivations can prompt these actions. Physicians now call Munchausen syndrome factitious disorder.Factitious disorder imposed on self refers to a person exaggerating or creating symptoms purely involving themselves. Factitious disorder imposed on another means the individual with the disorder falsified or purposefully caused illness in another adult, a child, or a pet.


1. Factitious Disorder Imposed on Self

Typically, a person with factitious disorder imposed on self will create or dramatically exaggerate symptoms of an illness. They may do so to receive examination or treatment from a hospital or because they want attention, sympathy, or comfort from peers, family, or doctors. In some instances of this disorder, the individual may become highly knowledgeable about medical practices and illnesses in order to more convincingly mimicking symptoms that require intensive medical evaluation.

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