Asperger's syndrome is a high-functioning form of autism first described in 1944. In 1984, Asperger's was added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-4), but this was revised in 2013 when many types of autism were rolled into a single diagnosis: autism spectrum disorder. One of the things that set Asperger's apart from some other forms of autism is that people with this syndrome are generally high-functioning, though their social skills may be lacking.


1. Social Characteristics

Most people with autism find social situations difficult, including those with Asperger's syndrome. Generally, people with Asperger's struggle to understand social cues and cannot understand the perspectives of other people. They do not know how to empathize with other people and may not respond appropriately when someone is outwardly happy or sad.

Asperger's Syndrome Autism sdominick / Getty Images

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