Usually, the testicles hang inside the scrotum, the loose bag of skin behind the penis. However, retractile testicles move up out of the scrotum and into the groin. Retractile testicles are most common in children. Most of the time, the individual or a doctor can gently move the testicle back into the correct position. However, in rare cases, the testicle becomes stuck in the groin and cannot be moved manually.


1. Cause of a Retractile Testicle

A muscle in the scrotum surrounds the testicles. This cremaster muscle keeps the testicle at the optimal temperature. In hotter temperatures, the muscle relaxes and allows the testicle to hang further away from the heat of the body. When it is cold, the muscle contracts and pulls the testicle upwards. Retractile testicles occur when the cremaster muscle constricts too strongly; the testicle is pulled out of the scrotum entirely and upwards into the groin.

symptoms of retractile testicles

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