Hypertension is a severe condition that can lead to other, potentially deadly complications like heart attack and stroke if left untreated. There are rarely any signs or symptoms of hypertension, so checking your blood pressure regularly is one of the best ways to diagnose this condition. Although there are a variety of causes, one thing is sure: getting the proper treatment for high blood pressure is important. Your doctor will tell you if your condition is serious enough to warrant prescription medication, but what are some additional steps you can take to lower blood pressure and manage your hypertension?


1. Reduce Salt Intake

Do you eat chips with your lunch every day, or add table salt to every meal? If so, you probably know you're consuming too much sodium. However, there are lots of other foods with hidden sodium: canned or frozen foods, boxed dinners and restaurant meals, to name a few. To lower your blood pressure, you need to reduce the amount of salt you eat and drink. Order low-sodium options when dining out, and use fresh ingredients at home rather than food that has been preserved. To add flavor to salt-less dishes, use seasonings like spices, herbs, and lemon or lime juices.

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