GERD is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, and it refers to a condition that causes acidic or bilious substances to travel back up the esophagus leading to a range of symptoms such as a burning sensation in the throat or a bitter taste in the mouth that persists for a long time. People with GERD experience these symptoms frequently, at least twice a week. Moreover, GERD can cause long-term damage like scarring as well as hoarseness. In this article, we'll describe some things you can do to help reduce your symptoms.


1. Drink Lemon Juice

Incorporate this helpful habit into your daily morning routine, and you'll notice a large improvement in the severity of your symptoms. Lemon - just like many other fruits - can help the body to balance its acid levels naturally, helping to prevent the unpleasant pain caused by GERD. You should drink lemon juice on an empty stomach around 20 minutes before having a meal. This ensures enough time for the remedy to work fully. Moreover, you should drink water with the lemon juice as to dilute its potency. Consult your doctor before attempting any home remedies.

treating GERD

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