GERD is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, and it refers to a condition that causes acidic or bilious substances to travel back up the esophagus leading to a range of symptoms such as a burning sensation in the throat or a bitter taste in the mouth that persists for a long time. People with GERD experience these symptoms frequently, at least twice a week. Moreover, GERD can cause long-term damage like scarring as well as hoarseness. In this article, we'll describe some things you can do to help reduce your symptoms.

Drink Lemon Juice

Incorporate this helpful habit into your daily morning routine, and you'll notice a large improvement in the severity of your symptoms. Lemon - just like many other fruits - can help the body to balance its acid levels naturally, helping to prevent the unpleasant pain caused by GERD. You should drink lemon juice on an empty stomach around 20 minutes before having a meal. This ensures enough time for the remedy to work fully. Moreover, you should drink water with the lemon juice as to dilute its potency. Consult your doctor before attempting any home remedies.

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Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been considered for a long time to be one of the best natural remedies due to its high content of antioxidants and minerals. It is made by fermenting apples, which gives it its characteristic amber color. Apple cider vinegar shouldn't be taken on its own; instead, mix a few teaspoons with a glass of cold water. You can also add some into a cup of tea or honey water. Contrary to popular belief, having too little acid in the stomach can prevent food from being digested correctly. That's why apple cider vinegar can help stimulate better digestion and at the same time, fight symptoms.

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Avoid Acid-Causing Foods

For some people, having too much acid in the stomach can be a bad thing, leading to all kinds of trouble during digestion. In this case, an anti-reflux diet should be considered. This type of diet aims to reduce the effects of certain foods on the stomach, helping you to get better faster. Certain foods are known to increase GERD symptoms, such as fatty foods, sweets, and alcohol. Abstain from eating these foods, or substantially limit their consumption. Over time, you'll feel less pain, and other foods can be enjoyed without experiencing unpleasant symptoms.

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Eat More Almonds

One of the most traditional remedies to treat GERD is eating raw almonds. This is a great alternative to other treatments because it is simple, healthy, and above all delicious way to treat GERD. Raw almonds can significantly help to reduce symptoms associated with GERD because they are an alkaline food type. This means that they're neutral and not overly acidic. Moreover, they can help to control the pH levels in the body. Another significant benefit is their high level of calcium; this means that almonds can also contribute to keeping your bones in good shape.

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Don't Eat Before Bed

Aside from changes in diet, you can also modify when and how you eat to help treat GERD symptoms. In this regard, one of the best preventive measures is to avoid any food before bed; in fact, you shouldn't eat anything for 2 to 3 hours before bed. This ensures that everything is digested before going to sleep. Being in a sleeping position can help acid travel up the esophagus, causing difficulty in sleeping as well as pain. Another thing you should do is avoid spicy or greasy foods, which can worsen symptoms.

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Sleep On Your Left Side

You may have already known that sleeping on your stomach is considered unhealthy because of the adverse effects it can have on certain organs of the body. When it comes to GERD, the same principle applies: some sleeping positions are better than others. If you suffer from this condition, try to sleep on your left side; this is considered to be the ideal sleeping position because a variety of studies have determined that it can reduce painful symptoms. Sleeping on the right side of the stomach can increase pressure, worsening symptoms. If changes in sleep position worsen symptoms, consult your doctor.

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Balance Hydrochloric Acid Levels

Diet is perhaps the largest and most important diet-related factor. What you eat can increase, as well as decrease, the extent, and severity of your GERD symptoms. One of the best things you can do starting today is increasing the natural production of certain elements, such as hydrochloric acid. This can significantly help prevent acid buildup. You can start by replacing table salt and other spices used for cooking; look for good-quality alternatives such as crystal salt. These contain high amounts of trace minerals that the body uses on a daily basis.

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Cut Down On Processed Foods

Another dietary change involves reducing the quantity of highly processed foods. Greasy, processed, and highly artificial foods are known for increasing the number of symptoms GERD patients experiences. Sugary foods have the same effect, and often exacerbate acid reflux symptoms. These food types contribute to a bacterial imbalance in the stomach. Try replacing processed foods with natural produce, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat more salads, smoothies, and remember to drink lots of water. If you continue to experience symptoms, try eating more yogurt, which has been reported to help reduce symptoms in some people.

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Try Enzyme Supplements

You can start taking certain supplements to help alleviate GERD symptoms. Digestive enzymes are one of the most efficient ways to treat GERD and improve digestive health overall. While enzymes are found in a variety of foods, they are quickly destroyed once foods become processed. Heat is also an enzyme-killer, which means that many of the foods that we eat don't contain sufficient enzyme levels. To receive the enzymes you need, increase consumption of raw foods that are high in natural enzymes. One of the best options is apple cider vinegar, which is full of antioxidants and other nutrients.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most versatile home remedies for a range of ailments, including bad breath, stomach pain, and skin health. It can also work wonders to treat GERD, but you should only use it as a last resort treatment. Baking Soda offers quick relief by acting as a base, helping to treat acid levels in the stomach. It works by neutralizing the aggressive liquids that can damage the stomach and esophagus. It should be cautiously used because it can reduce acid levels, therefore reducing long-term effectiveness. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

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