Gallstones belong in the minor complaint's class because they do not normally pose a threat to life, but nevertheless, they are extremely painful. As the name suggests these obstructions form in the gallbladder from accumulations of crystalline materials. Certain individual are more prone to get gallstones than others. A history of gallstones in the family, diabetes, and obesity are a few of the most common causes. In addition to severe stomach pain sufferers also experience back pains and indigestion amongst other symptoms. The pain experience also varies between just a few seconds or a much more prolonged period.

Dietary changes

Certain changes in diet help relieve gallstone problems. First of all, remember to drink water regularly. Aim to have as many as a dozen glasses of water each day. Secondly, increase the amounts of healthy fruit and vegetables eaten with apples, lemons, garlic, and carrots just a few of the many foods known to help gallstone sufferers. At the same time, take care to avoid particular foods and drinks that exacerbate the problem. These foods and drinks to avoid include all fatty and oily foods and all carbonated beverages.

diet Gallstones


Reduce body weight

With obesity as one of the most common causes of gallstones the need to reduce weight should be apparent. An essential part of any weight-losing strategy is the diet element. Formulate a healthy eating plan with the aid of a dietitian or doctor. An abundance of printed and online materials also helps with low calorie yet tasty recipes. Also, make sure to exercise regularly. Walking, cycling and swimming are excellent choices with frequent visits to the gym another good idea. Everyone knows how hard it can be to lose weight, but if this is the price to pay for relief from gallstones pain, it is a must.

body weight Gallstones


Lemon Juice

The fact that most of the required ingredients are easily found is one of the many advantages of home remedies. Lemon juice is a classic case. Most people need to look no further than their kitchen for the principal ingredient in this traditional gallstones remedy. Natural cure experts suggest gallstone sufferers should mix the juice of four lemons into warm water and add a little vitamin C to the compound. A glass of this lemon juice each day for a few weeks can help eliminate those painful gallstones.

juice Gallstones



Many regard this common plant as a weed that should be uprooted from their gardens, but country dwellers have long recognized that the plant has medicinal qualities. Herbalists believe that it strengthens the life and improves gallbladder functioning. They recommend mixing a teaspoon of dried dandelion in hot water. Leave the mixture covered for about five minutes. Drink it two or three times a day and see how it helps relieve the gallstones complaint. Those who want a more tasty remedy may add some honey to the potion. Most gallstone sufferers can take dandelion, but it could be a problem for people with diabetes. Anyone in this situation should consult their doctor first.

Gallstones remedies


Apple Cider Vinegar

This liquid is a firm favorite with natural health cure proponents. They claim that its acidic qualities help dissolve gallstones and relieve the pain. They also cause the liver to produce less cholesterol and so the possibility of new gallstones forming is reduced. When the gallstone pains come on take a teaspoon full of apple cider vinegar mixed into a glass of apple juice, and within fifteen minutes the pain should be dramatically reduced. Also, have a drink of apple cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice every day to help dissolve the gallstones in the body.

ACV Gallstones


Sweet Rosemary

Another advantage of home remedies is the way they often use natural items very attractive in their own right. The sweet-smelling rosemary plant is probably best known for the pleasing fragrance, but it also has properties that help reduce pain from gallstones. Take advice from a natural medicines specialist about how to best to use rosemary as an effective remedy for gallstones.

rosemary Gallstones


St. John's Wort

This herb features in ancient books of cures and over more recent years natural healers have rediscovered its valuable properties. Sufferers from gallstones put five leaves of St. John's Wort into boiled water to make an herbal tea. A few cups of St. John's Wort tea each day can make all the difference.

Gallstones tea



Researchers note that the traditional diet of Southern Europe and the Middle East is in many respects healthier than the average Western European and American diet. The spicy herbs they are fond of eating in the Middle East is one of the factors that helps boost their health. Turmeric is one of the best known of these spices, but it has many other uses besides cooking. There is evidence that a daily glass of water with a teaspoon full of turmeric and honey helps to eliminate gallstones.

turmeric Gallstones


Vitamin C

This best-known vitamin is vital to our health. It is also readily available in all kinds of citrus fruits and vitamin supplements. The more vitamin C in the body the easier it is for those gallstones to exit naturally rather than getting stuck in the gallbladder to cause pain. Some suggest gallstone sufferers should take about 200 grams of vitamin C supplements each day until this problem is solved.

Gallstones vitamin c


A Cup of Coffee

More often than not healthy living experts seem to warn the public to go easy on caffeinated drinks. Thus it comes as a real surprise to see coffee on the list of natural remedies for gallstones. Apparently, a couple of drinks of coffee per day really can help since they improve the bile flow and this makes occurrences of gallstones that much more unlikely. Even though a moderate coffee intake is a sensible preventative measure, those with a tendency to get gallstones should resist the temptation to overdo it and have a few more cups of their favorite hot beverage.



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