Down syndrome is a genetic disorder within the 21st chromosome. When the cells divide abnormally, an extra genetic material is formed; instead of a pair, a third part is present. Also known as trisomy 21, the baby will have developmental delays as well as intellectual disabilities and distinctive facial features. Parents who have children with Down syndrome did nothing wrong to have the genetic makeup form in this manner. If your baby is diagnosed with Down syndrome, there are many early intervention programs available including special educators and therapists to help you and your child live with Down syndrome. There are several things to keep in mind if you are raising a child with Down syndrome. Check out these ten helpful tips for living with Down syndrome.


1. Your Baby Will Look and Act Like You

It is a common misconception that all people with Down syndrome look exactly alike. Your baby will resemble you and your spouse as well as other relatives in your family. Although your baby may have key features of Down syndrome including a lazy eye, you will adore your child in every way from appearance to personality. Although it is important to help your child learn, remember he or she is still little. Finding a balance between play and school is essential. Not every single moment needs to be a teaching opportunity. You will enjoy time with your bundle of joy just being goofy. Don’t forget to let your son or daughter be a kid first and interact with others in the same manner. You did not have a baby with Down syndrome; you had a baby.


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