People with diverticulitis often find their symptoms begin or intensify when they eat certain foods. The condition, which causes pockets or diverticula in the intestines to become infected or inflamed, leads to symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, and urinary tract infections. Avoiding foods that prompt these issues is one of the best ways to minimize diverticulitis flare-ups. Though different people are affected by different foods, evidence shows the following are often linked to digestive tract inflammation in people with diverticulitis.


1. Red Meat

Those with acute diverticulitis should limit consumption of red meat. Red meat is tough and difficult to digest. It moves through the bowels more slowly and will agitate an already stressed digestive tract. Red mean also causes constipation in individuals with lower digestive enzymes. Tender meats such as poultry are less likely to cause further damage. They're therefore safer options for one who is having meat cravings. Those suffering from chronic diverticulitis may incorporate some red meat into their diet. However, they should still consume white meat more frequently.

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