When you have diarrhea, your bowel movements occur as watery, loose feces. You will notice a variety of runniness, along with varying degrees of intensity. Diarrhea brings on an insistent "urge to go." Some people cannot control this kind of pressure. This condition happens for many reasons, including things as simple as stomach flu or a virus. Diarrhea also can point to something more serious happening in your body. In some cases, it is an early warning sign for a serious digestive condition. Of course, there are many treatments for diarrhea, ranging from medication to holistic therapies. Let's take a look at the ten most common ways to deal with this condition.


1. Stay Hydrated

When you have loose, watery stools at least two or three times a day, your body is losing vital water. Think about this happening over a period of two or three days. Although diarrhea may stop on its own, you likely will become dehydrated. The dehydration factor is especially dangerous for the elderly and children. Some signs of dehydration include frequent thirst, urine that is a dark color, dry skin, tiredness, and light-headedness. In children, you should also watch for a dry mouth and tongue, fever, no tears when crying, sunken eyes or stomach area and skin that will not go flat when you pinch and release it. The goal of any treatment is to replace body fluids and electrolytes. Sports drinks and water are the best remedies. You should avoid sugary drinks, milk or dairy product, and alcoholic beverages. If the cause of your diarrhea is a parasite or bacterial infection, you will need antibiotics.

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