Agoraphobia is not a common condition, but it can be very serious when left untreated. People who have agoraphobia have a fear of being in situations that they believe may cause serious harm to them, either physically or emotionally. When people with this condition experience environments or situations that they consider unsafe, they may exhibit mental and physical symptoms of fear and panic. Counseling and anti-anxiety medications are two of the most common treatments for agoraphobia. It is important to understand the signs and symptoms of agoraphobia to identify and treat the condition.


1. Fear of Open Spaces

People who have agoraphobia often have a hard time venturing into open public spaces, like shopping malls, parks, or sporting events. Two primary reasons for this are the noise and the lack of physical security. With no way to observe all directions at once, open spaces can make people with agoraphobia feel at risk of physical harm. It can also cause self-consciousness and fear of embarrassment, especially if the patient is prone to panic attacks that would draw a lot of attention. This is why people with severe agoraphobia rarely leave their homes, even in the event of an emergency.

signs and symptoms of agoraphobia

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