It's quite normal for people to have feelings of anxiety once in a while. This is especially true for people who live stressful lives. But when the anxiety becomes excessive, then it becomes a problem. You might start feeling so anxious that you can't control it and it interferes with your life. When you feel this way, you may already suffer from generalized anxiety disorder.     Children and adults have the potential to develop this disorder. The common symptoms are similar to OCD, panic disorder, and other kinds of anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorder is a long-term condition. You can usually treat this with medications of psychotherapy. You can also learn relaxation techniques. Try some coping skills and make some changes in your lifestyle. Here are 10 of the common symptoms and treatments of this disorder:


1. Persistent Worrying

Although a lot of people worry, those with generalized anxiety disorder worry differently. Their level of worry is usually constant and way out of proportion. Such people are also unable to let go of their worries. It's not a normal kind of worrying. It often interferes with a person's relationships, work, and other aspects of life. Aside from this, people with the disorder worry uncontrollably. One great way to treat this symptom is through psychotherapy. In fact, this is the most common treatment for emotional symptoms of the disorder. You'd have to work with a therapist to learn how to lessen the worrying and other symptoms. The most effective type of psychotherapy for GAD is cognitive behavioral therapy.


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