The shoulder blade or scapula is often compared to wings or fins, and for good reason. The flat, triangular bones have the primary purpose of connecting the thorax to the upper arms. Each bone is protected by a network of almost 20 muscles and corresponding ligaments and tendons, which keep necessary joints in place to support myriad upper body activities. For example, the scapula enables baseball players to execute whip-fast pitching and powerful hitting.


1. Structure of the Scapula

Due to its shape, the scapula has three borders: superior, media, and lateral. The superior border is the top edge adjacent to the clavicle. The medial border is next to the vertebrae, and the lateral border is the diagonal edge opposite the medial border. The lateral angle is a juncture that connects the superior and lateral borders, while the inferior angle is curved and connects the medial and lateral sides.

scapula clavicle magicmine / Getty Images

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