The allure of white teeth is emphasized everywhere, from marketing campaigns to social media. Genetics can play a roll in how pearly your whites are, as can lifestyle choices. Some people struggle with yellowed teeth, ever searching for the perfect product to create a dazzling smile, but they may still eat foods and adopt practices that work against their best efforts. Ultimately, ridges and microscopic divots in tooth enamel will trap food and drink pigments, and darker pigments will lead to stains. So, in the search for the perfect smile, what should you avoid, what should you include, and how can you whiten your teeth naturally?


1. Avoid Foods That Stain

Most people know drinks like coffee can strain their teeth, but it can be hard to give up these popular pick-me-ups. Wine, coffee, tea, and fruits like blueberries and blackberries are tough to avoid completely -- and they have health benefits, too -- but there are small ways to lessen their impact. When it comes to coffee, people who like it black are at the greatest disadvantage. Adding some milk can reduce the drink's staining power.

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