Most women consider the second trimester a turning point in their pregnancy. After weeks of nausea and exhaustion from adjusting to rapid hormone changes, these reactions typically calm down. For most women, energy levels return and they begin feeling their baby move. The baby is not yet big enough to cause extreme discomfort; however, rapid growth means the mother can expect weight gain and maternity clothes.


1. Symptoms Ease and Change

Most women get some relief in the second trimester. A lot of early pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness, exhaustion, and breast tenderness, begin to recede. The improvements are most likely due to the mother adjusting to the increasing hormones. Possible new symptoms include nasal congestion, bleeding gums, and nose bleeds as mucous membranes become affected by pregnancy hormones. Some women notice varicose veins and changes to skin pigmentation, particularly on the face and abdomen.

Second Trimester Relief AleksandarNakic / Getty Images

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