Many people have small indentations on their cheeks when they smile. These indentations are dimples. Though you may think dimples only appear on the cheeks, they can develop in multiple places on the body. The cheeks, chin, and back all have notable dimple locations, but the arms and legs can possess this feature as well. Each type of dimple has a different cause, as well as unique medical and societal outlooks.


1. Cheek Dimples

By far, the most well-known dimples are cheek dimples. Generally, if present, cheek dimples appear and disappear as facial expressions change. Additionally, they may disappear completely for a time due to changes in body weight or other factors that affect the face. Physicians believe that cheek dimples may be the result of variations in the structure of a facial muscle. Some people have dimples in a single cheek, while others have them in both cheeks.

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