Many women use yoni eggs to strengthen their pelvic floor and improve sexual health. These small, smooth stones are inserted into the vagina and left there for an extended period. Some women recommend sleeping with a yoni egg in, while others leave them inserted throughout the day. However, there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of these products and a lot of discussion about their dangers.


Proponents of yoni eggs claim that the practice is an ancient Chinese custom. Some websites state that concubines and queens used yoni eggs, and advocate for their ability to restore energy, balance hormones, and tone pelvic floor muscles. Some recommend charging a yoni egg by the light of the full moon if it loses its energy.

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Some wellness advocates have more medical-sounding claims about the effects of yoni eggs, such as their capacity to "detox" the vagina, improve sexual experiences, regulate the menstrual cycle, and improve bladder control. Many people who recommend using yoni eggs believe that, because they are all-natural, they are entirely safe to use.

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Some proponents claim that women have been using yoni eggs for more than 2000 years, and they have ties to the ancient Taoist tradition. There is no evidence of this, however. One study looked at collections of ancient Chinese art and identified more than 5000 jade objects, none of which were jade yoni eggs. No evidence ties the practice to ancient Chinese culture in any way.


Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

Many people believe yoni eggs can help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, but there is no proof of this claim. Like all muscles, pelvic floor muscles get stronger with regular exercise. Some women may be prescribed pelvic floor weights and kegel exercises by doctors, but these are not the same as yoni eggs and are not used in the same way.

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Hormones and Energy

Some advocates credit yoni eggs with the ability to balance hormones and regulate the menstrual cycle, but there is no scientific data to support these claims, either. Even proper Kegel exercises performed under the supervision of a doctor cannot change or balance hormones. There are also claims that yoni eggs improve female energy, but there is no way to prove this.



One of the most dangerous complications of using a yoni egg is infection. Yoni eggs are usually made of jade, which is porous. That means that bacteria and other infectious agents can get into the small nooks and crannies of the egg and cause an infection like vaginosis or toxic shock syndrome.

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Claims that yoni eggs can detox the vagina are also false. Not only is there no proof of this, but detoxing the vagina is unnecessary and not recommended by doctors. If a woman feels that detox may be necessary because of a foul smell or unusual discharge, she should see a doctor to rule out an infection and receive medical advice on the best treatment.

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Proponents of yoni eggs sometimes claim that modern medicine has ignored the science behind them or is actively ignoring them, but this is not the case. Many medical professionals have weighed in, and continue to discuss, this practice. Despite this interest, there remains no scientific evidence that yoni eggs are either safe or effective. They are not FDA-approved, and no medical studies exist that support the claims.

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See a Doctor

Some women begin using yoni eggs because they experience incontinence, sexual displeasure, or unusual odors, or discharge. Since there is no scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of yoni eggs, women experiencing these and other issues need to see their doctor. There are many proven, medical ways to cope with the problems that yoni eggs allegedly solve, most of which have fewer potential complications than jade eggs.

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Many companies make claims about yoni eggs even though there is no medical or scientific evidence to back them. Some companies have been taken to court for making false claims and have had to pay damages to customers for misleading them. Despite this, companies and individuals continue to sell yoni eggs and tout their unproven benefits.

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