A mood disorder is characterized by the highs and lows of a person's mood. It is a medical illness and should be treated as such. There is a great misunderstanding surrounding mental illness and the stigma it carries. The most common mood disorders are Depression and Bipolar Disorder. Knowing the symptoms of these two illnesses will ensure that you, or the person suffering, can get the right treatment and quickly be on the road to feeling ‘normal' again.


1. Loss of energy

A loss of energy is a different feel of that of simply feeling tired after not much sleep. It is a persistent lethargy that takes over your body. Movement seems hard; getting from point A to point B is a trial, even getting out of bed is difficult. You feel fatigued and experience headaches and weariness, boredom and depression. All these things combined would not make for a happy camper, and getting out of this feeling may feel like it requires more strength than you can muster at this time.


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