Intussusception is a serious medical condition in which part of the intestine slides into the section next to it. It is sometimes referred to as 'telescoping.' This can cause partial or complete bowel obstruction, and it can cut off blood supply to part of the intestine.

This condition usually happens in the small bowel. Intussusception is most commonly seen in children under the age of 3, and the cause in most cases is unknown. In adults, the cause of intussusception is usually from a previously existing medical condition, like a tumor.

Intussusception must be treated immediately. Left untreated, it can lead to the death of bowel tissue, bowel perforation, infection, sepsis, and death. The following are the most common causes and treatments of intussusception.


Infants who experience intussusception may suddenly begin to cry from severe abdominal pain. The infant or young child may pull their legs to their chest. The pain for this condition is usually intermittent, occurring every 15-20 minutes. As time passes, the painful episodes may last longer and longer.



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