Cryptosporidiosis is a contagious intestinal infection. One-celled cryptosporidium parasites cause it. The infection starts when you ingest the parasite. They live in the intestines of humans and animals. More cells are produced which are shed through the stool. You may also know both the infection and parasite as Crypto. It is one of the most common causes of waterborne diseases. The doctor will take a sample of your stool. The organism is very small and hard to look through a microscope. In some cases, your doctor may take a sample from your intestines. The cryptosporidiosis infection can occur in both adults and children. Anyone who contacts contaminated feces can get the disease. There are ways to treat the infection despite being difficult to detect. Here are some of the most common symptoms and treatments of cryptosporidium.


1. Watery diarrhea

Cryptosporidium infection causes watery diarrhea. It goes away in one or two weeks. But, it can be life-threatening without appropriate treatment. The extent of watery diarrhea depends from person to person. Those with lower immunity it can be severe. The symptoms can be fatal to them. The infection can be avoided with proper good hygiene. It’s ideal to wash hands with soap and water after using the toilet and changing diapers. Most people with a strong immune system that recovers without a treatment. Diarrhea can be controlled by drinking a lot of fluids. This prevents dehydration.


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